DNP Awarded 46th Kinoshita Prize for Heat Insulating Paper Cup

Can be easily heated in a microwave oven

Tokyo, June 23, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is proud to announce that the Company has been awarded the 46th Kinoshita Award in the R&D Category by the Japan Packaging Institute (JPI) in recognition of the development of the microwave compatible heat insulating paper cup1 for Japanese market.

Highly evaluated features by Kinoshita Awards

As the name suggests, the new cup uses paper, which is a renewable resource, as an alternative to plastic to reduce the environmental burden. In addition, as a result of DNP's proprietary processing technology that folds the leg portion of the paper cup inward to flatten it, the new cup also exhibits functionality and safety features that make it possible to suppress incidence of scorching, even when heated in a microwave oven. 


[At left] Image of commemorative photos. [At right] Image of microwave compatible  heat insulating paper cup

The Kinoshita Prize

The Kinoshita Award was established in commemoration of the late-Mr. Matasaburo Kinoshita, the second chairman of the JPI, and his many years of meritorious service in the packaging industry. Each fiscal year, awards are made recognizing those who have made distinguished achievements in packaging-related areas, including R&D, improvements and rationalization, or the creation of new fields. 

Other Features

  • The microwave compatible heat insulating paper cup can also be used as a food container following heating in a microwave oven, and can be easily used for a wide range of cooking ideas using a microwave oven, including simmering and steaming.
  • Paper, a renewable resource, is mainly used, and can reduce the amount of plastic used by about 90% and CO2 emissions2 by about 54% compared to plastic containers of the same size. In addition, since the container can be crushed and disposed of, such disposal can be achieved in a more compact manner than with a plastic container. 
  • Currently, multiple companies, mainly those involved in frozen foods, are considering the adoption of this product.

Development Background

DNP constantly considers the harmonious coexistence between business activities and the global environment, and promotes various measures to realize a sustainable and better society, along with more comfortable lifestyles. 

Regarding packaging for foods and daily necessities that are familiar to consumers, we have developed eco-friendly packaging3 as we look to provide society with the three values of CO2 reduction, resource recycling, and the conservation of the natural environment. And we are developing and providing a variety of environmentally friendly products and services by combining our technological strengths. 

In Japan, we are witnessing a diversification in eating habits in line with an increase in single-person, double-income, and elderly households. This is leading to increased demand for microwave oven-based cooking, particularly for frozen foods. 

To meet these needs, the microwave compatible heat insulating paper cup developed in 2020, as a cooking container made from paper materials, is a product that can help overcoming social challenges, by reducing the plastic volume used, and CO2. We will also strive to become a New Standard for food containers, while also successfully creating foods that match consumer lifestyles.

1: The microwave compatible heat insulating paper cup, please visit: (Japanese only)
2: Numerical value of greenhouse gas emissions converted to a CO2 equivalent.
3: The eco-friendly packaging, please visit: (Japanese only)
A previous release dealing with heat insulating cups may be viewed at, (Japanese only)

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