DNP in Full Scale Launch of New Decorative Panel

Sophisticatedly textured surface with a handcrafted effect enriches interior design choices

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will, in March, embark upon the full scale launch of a new series of decorative panels with a textured surface that produces a handcrafted tactile sensation.


In recent years, there have been increased needs for greater design features by using textured decorative paneling such as wood grains not only for the interior doors or those of closets, but also on the surface of walls in houses, commercial facilities, etc. In such cases, there has been a demand for products with delicately textured surfaces where the feel of the material is designed so as to match the visible pattern, thereby boosting the texture and high class tactile sensation of the paneling as decorative materials.
The newly developed product takes base materials, such as wooden substrates, to which DNP developed interior decorative film is laminated, to produce a panel with a textured surface with a handcrafted sensation. DNP developed interior decorative film that maintains superior surface performance, including high level durability, along with design features, and have developed a firm track record of adoptions by companies, along with a reputation for high reliability. In this latest development, DNP has commercialized a panel with a rich design and texture, based on a textured surface. Four new products; Trapunto, Grata, Ritmo and Duna, based on motifs, such as cloth and sand designs, have been added to the current five wood grain products, allowing DNP to expand its lineup of decorative paneling to nine versions in total. 

[Product Lineup]

The newly added products achieve a textured surface via a press format, and in combination with DNP’s wide variety of sophisticated designs, successfully express the  texture of solid wood along with the stately impression.

Product name

Product details


A design with decorative soft line texture, just as a quilt whose motif is three dimensionally expressed with cotton or yarn.


A timeless design based on a grid pattern that pursues the shadowy beauty created by the fine textures.


A design created with an awareness of the cyclical rhythm of the contrasted, light, and impressionable flowing pattern.


A delicate curved pattern that expresses the overwhelming and supernatural beauty of sand dunes that alter their tint and expression from moment to moment.


In Italian, Riga means line or stripe, and this linear pattern is a modern, impressive design.


Corso expresses a fluctuating flowing image through a deeper texture. It is a design with a shadowed, powerful pattern that creates a stately impression


Naguri is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique that uses a chisel to create surface roughness. It is a design with a deep, attractive expression created by shadowing.


A rhythmical design like wavelets, where a large spoon shaped horizontal carving appears to shine against lighting.


A design with an antique sensation produced by leaving saw cuts as though the surface had been coarsely ground.

[Forward Looking Events]

DNP will market the newly developed decorative paneling to condominiums and commercial facilities, aiming for annual sales of 300 million yen in FY 2019.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.

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