DNP to Launch New Liquid Paper Carton for Alcoholic Beverages

Easy to dismantle carton suitable for resource recycling purposes

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will launch a new type of liquid paper carton with a built-in spout that facilitates the long-term storage of alcoholic beverages at room temperature. The new carton will be launched in April 2017, can be disassembled in an easier manner than before to facilitate disposal, and is suitable for resource recycling purposes.


In recent years, amid the rising number of consumers aiming to achieve a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle, corporate activities targeting reduced environmental load, such as resource saving and recycling, have become more highly evaluated. In 1983, DNP developed a multilayer barrier film that prevented moisture and oxygen transmission, and has since been engaged in the extension of the possible shelf life of package contents. The Company has also successfully developed a variety of packaging materials designed to achieve biodiversity and sustainability, such as providing packaging including the partial use of plant-derived materials.
Liquid paper cartons for use with alcohol, however, are strengthened in the adhesion of a barrier film to the paper in order to protect the contents, and as a result have presented a challenge as it takes longer to disassemble them when disposing or recycling. In May, 2016, DNP developed two types of liquid paper cartons; an easy to dismantle model that can be easily cut open to facilitate disposal, and an easy to separate model that allows for the easy separation of the paper layer from the inner film.
In this latest development, applying an easy-to-open shaping to the carton top, DNP has successfully created a liquid paper carton with greatly improved ease-of-opening that makes it even simpler to dismantle than before. (Diagrams 3 and 4 below). No difference exists in sealability and seal strength compared to currently available products, and as the new carton can be used with existing filling equipment and production lines there is no need to improve or newly add facilities.

1, Remove cap, collapse both sides inwards and fold
2, Firmly collapse and fold both sides
3, Separate both side surfaces on top and fold
4, Pull the opposing corners of the carton to open for washing
5, Following washing, cut with scissors along the dotted line and remove bottom of carton and spout
6, Dry body of carton and recycle. Dispose of bottom and spout.

* Please dispose of in line with rules of local municipalities

[Ergonomic Ease-of-Opening]

In developing the significantly improved ease-of-opening, assessments were conducted using a tactile-sensor based Haplog, which is an ergonomic analysis method. The tactile sensor measures the force exerted on the pulp of the finger (the contact force) and the movement of fingers (acceleration) without disturbing the finger pulp sense.
By combining an original analysis program that specializes in package assessment, with the tactile sensor, DNP has been working to identify factors influencing package usability based on numeric data and uncover where problems exist in usage behavior, and thereby engaging in package development and improvements. DNP applied this method in assessing the easy to disassemble liquid paper carton, and when measuring the energy exerted in opening the top, was able to confirm that the newly developed product could be opened with 60% less force than with currently available products, or with the equivalent force used when opening a milk carton. 

In order to create packages and store-based POP easier to understand, buy and use, DNP has applied human behavioral and process data to grasp the current status, identify problems, and propose improvements.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will market the newly developed product to the alcoholic beverage industry, including sake brewers and shochu distilleries, aiming for sales of 500 million yen in FY 2018. Looking ahead, by combining this new product with the recently developed* spout that allows for the opening of the cap and inner plug in a single motion, the Company also aims to market the product as an eco- and user-friendly liquid paper carton that is both easy to open and to dispose of, while continuing to improve on functionalities such as ease of holding and pouring through the slimming of the product.

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* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.

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