DNP Develops Office Equipment that Boosts Security and IoT Convenience

Aims to support work style reforms with IC card technology

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will apply IC card technology in the development of office equipment designed to boost security functions and the convenient use of the Internet of Things (IoT). By taking IoST(TM) Platform, an existing DNP service based on the Internet of Secure Things that provides the IoT environment with security functions, and integrating this into office equipment, it is possible to heighten those functions that protect internet-linked office equipment from cyber-attacks. As a first step, the Company will enter into collaboration with Kumahira Co., Ltd (Kumahira), a company providing security gates and others. 


More efficient working styles are in demand to counteract social challenges, including the declining working population, such as telework that is not restricted by time or location, as promoted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. In particular, the needs to be able to access company information systems from open network environments, such as satellite offices shared by multiple companies or working from home, are examples of the relevant use of IoT. In such instances, given the rise in threats, including data eavesdropping, theft or tampering, along with cyber-attacks on equipment, there have been strong calls for information security measures to protect data and equipment in such satellite offices.
Since the 1980s, DNP has been engaged in the development and manufacture of IC card software, and the provision of solutions, and has captured a large domestic share of the IC card market. In addition to our strengths in IC cards, since 2008 the Company has provided the IoST Platform that leverages the know-how involved in personal authentication services used in EC site payments. In this latest development, and in conjunction with Kumahira, an office equipment manufacturar, DNP will develop office equipment that boosts both IoT information security and convenience. In this first step, we will collaborate with Kumahira targeting the development of security gates that can be used safely and securely in an open environment.

[New Office Equipment]

- Equipment targeting satellite offices

By employing the IoST Platform, it is possible to take personal computers, multifunctional machinery gateway systems and monitoring cameras installed at satellite offices shared by multiple companies, and safely connect them to servers via the internet. As a result, attendance management can be carried out in an appropriate manner. DNP provides company ID cards and related personal authentication system, and integrating these into the newly developed office equipment will lead to improved security on both employees and equipment.

- Portable security gates

Kumahira is considering the provision of portable security gates that can be transported from location to location. Compared to fixed security gates that use dedicated circuits, it is anticipated that portable security gates will be used in an open network environment, such as with mobile networks or wireless LANs. As a result, in this latest development, the aim is to improve security features through the integration of secure IC chips. Apart from satellite offices, it will also be possible to use portable gates at short term events and concerts contributing to manpower reductions.

[Looking Ahead]

It is planned to offer the equipment and services developed using the IoST platform from the end of FY 2017. Apart from encryption keys for equipment authentication and the management of digital certificates, DNP will collaborate with office equipment manufacturers to provide equipment maintenance services on a remote basis. The Company will also tie up with equipment vendors, such as those offering office equipment and social infrastructure systems, to promote IoST platform operations, aiming for introduction to approximately 100,000 units by FY2018.

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