DNP America to Display Automotive Technologies at SID Vehicle Displays Detroit 26th Annual Symposium & Expo

DNP America, LLC along with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) will display automotive technologies at the upcoming SID Vehicle Displays Detroit 26th Annual Symposium & Expo. The event will be held on September 24 and 25 at the Burton Manor Conference Center in Livonia, MI, and will be hosted by Society for Information Display (SID), an international academic society composed of display-related companies.

The DNP Group aims to highlight a variety of strengths in the automotive area, including the design features of next-generation mobility space and improved functionality, at a dedicated booth at the event.

Low Reflection (LR) Film

We will display a newly developed LR film that suppresses the reflection of images in it, while also maintaining excellent scratch resistance. It has been possible to achieve high-level durability, even with automotive navigation system screens that are easily damaged by touching.

The new LR film at left reflects no image of the letters DNP whereas the existing film at right does.

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Next-Generation Decorative Panel

The decorative panel is rendered with high-level design features, such as wood grain or geometric patterns. The control switches and other functional features are displayed only when needed. The decorative panel has been designed to create a calm in-vehicle space when not in use, adding to the comfort of the in-vehicle space.

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Navigation Cover Panel

By integrating the display with the peripheral decorative parts, it has been possible to create a Center Information Display (CID) and an instrument panel that combine optical functions and design features that make the screen easier to see.

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Backlit Decorative Film

The decorative film changes pattern and color hues when lit from the back. The surface of the film includes designs, such as wood grain or geometric patterns, and can be processed in gloss or matte, rendered with haptic design features. The film can be used in automobile door trims and decorative parts peripheral to the instrument panel.

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