DNP Develops Ultra-thin Heat Dissipating Component for 5G Smartphones

Will leverage microfabrication technology to enter thermal componets business

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce our full-scale entry into the heat dissipating component production business targeting fifth generation (5G) smartphones.

DNP has developed a 0.25mm heat-dissipating component, known as a Vapor Chamber, with a profile approximately 30% thinner than conventional products, while maintaining superior heat-dissipating performance.

The thinner heat-dissipating component makes it possible to secure the space necessary to accommodate increased battery capacity. This newly developed component will also offer smartphone manufacturers solutions allowing for the production of thinner smartphones, while providing them with measures to help dissipate heat. 


Looking ahead, the market penetration of 5G-compatible smartphones is expected to increase. However, increased data processing volume driven by large-capacity and high-speed communications is seen likely to lead to overheating of application processors and communication ICs. This presents the challenge of needing to establish measures to prevent such overheating.

In addition, the number of mounted components will increase due to the adoption of 5G, and battery size will grow due to the rise in power consumption. At the same time, consumers are exhibiting stronger needs for lower profile smartphones, therefore feeding into demands for a thinner heat-dissipating Vapor Chamber.

[Vapor Chamber Summary]

The Vapor Chamber consists of a hollow structure created from flat metal plates adhered together. A flow path is configured, and liquid, such as pure water is sealed within. The liquid fulfills the function of suppressing any temperature rise from heat sources such as ICs, by transferring heat via repeated evaporation and condensation.

[Looking Ahead]

By autumn 2020, DNP will commence mass-production of the newly developed 0.25mm ultra-thin Vapor Chamber. A 0.20mm product will also be developed, and we aim for annual sales of 20 billion yen in FY 2025. 

* Product prices, specifications and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.

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