DNP Develops Transparent Antenna Film for 5G Compatible Products

Now possible to install antenna in any location

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a transparent antenna film compatible with 5G, fifth-generation mobile communications system.

The newly developed product has been created by configuring metal wiring that is virtually invisible to the naked eye in an ultrafine mesh on a transparent film. Characterized by superior transparency, the antenna can be installed on the transparent surface material of 5G-compatible products. As a result, there is no impairment of visibility with mobile devices or glass that have so far lacked space for such antenna.


Millimeter-waves, with wavelengths of 1 to 10 mm and frequencies of 30 to 300 GHz, are used with 5G high-speed, large-capacity data communication. However, this has produced the challenge of being more susceptible to products in the same vicinity than conventional microwaves. In addition, millimeter waves exhibit strong radio wave straight line characteristics, making it necessary to increase the number of installed antennas in order to secure a superior communications environment.

To overcome this challenge, DNP has developed an ultra-fine metal mesh wiring that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. As a result, the antenna function can now be added to a variety of 5G-compatible products without compromising the design. This in turn facilitates unhindered antenna installation, not only on mobile devices, but also on base stations and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

[Transparent Antenna Film]

  • By attaching the transparent antenna film as a 5G-compatible antenna to indoor walls and ceilings, large monitors, structures such as window glass, and automobile glazing, it becomes easier to receive 5G radio waves in a variety of spaces.

  • The transparent base film has an ultra-fine metal mesh that is virtually invisible to the naked eye and exhibits transparency, so does not impair the design and visibility of the product.
  • The skillful selection of the metal material and shaping design has made it possible for the new film to exhibit performance sufficient as an antenna for 5G-compatible products, via the realization of a sheet resistance of 2.5 ohms /square, that is suitable for the antenna.

[Looking Ahead] 

DNP leverages our comprehensive strengths in printing technology and information processing to combine electronic components that target 5G, such as the newly developed transparent antenna film and the heat dissipation component, known as a vapor chamber, with a platform that enhances IoT information security to provide solutions that support comfortable information societies.

In addition, the Company will also use 5G to engage in activities including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) contents that provide an immersive experience anywhere any time, 4K and 8K video distribution, safe self-driving, and remote medical care.

DNP will propose the newly developed transparent antenna film to a variety of enterprises, and commence mass production in FY 2022 aiming for annual sales of 10 billion yen in FY 2025.

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