DNP, PIJ and CVI Collaborate to Expand Global Photo Imaging Business

DNP Photo Imaging Japan Co., Ltd. (PIJ) and Colorvision International Inc. (CVI) of Florida, USA, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), will combine their respective strengths to expand photo-imaging services targeting amusement facilities both in Japan and overseas.

The immediate focus is on offering a broader range of services at amusement facilities in Japan, including Auto Shot System, an auto-capturing system that leverages sensors and touch panels to provide users with a photo that crystallizes that special moment in time. These new services commenced from October 1. 

DNP acquired 100% of the shares of CVI, and the latter became a DNP subsidiary as of April 1, 2020. 

DNP plans to combine CVI’s strengths in creative planning and production for contents seen in products such as Ride Photos offered at amusement parks, with DNP’s printing-related technology and automatic photography services to expand photo-imaging services in both Japan and overseas. 

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[DNP Auto Shot System]

The DNP Auto Shot System is an auto capture solution based on proprietary camera control technology that leverages a variety of sensors and touch panels to automatically perform a series of steps from shooting to sales on a remote basis via a set of simple operations. By installing the camera at an angle that makes it difficult for one user to take a picture, and by combining sensor detection and touch panel operation, it is possible to take pictures automatically, giving a live, spur of the moment, vivid feeling to the photo. 

Photo data is sent to the server, and then forwarded to the user's smartphone . Users can register the images, by waving their camera device over the QR code distributed in advance at facilities at each photo spot at amusement parks and event users, allowing for easy purchase at the sales office following shooting. 


System configuration and business model

Photographing materials/sales equipment, software, data storage server for the calculation of usage fees, printers, printing materials, including the color ink ribbon and image receiving paper.

A complete packaged product will be provided custom-designed to meet the needs of your facility or event.

Business model: Sales, or revenue, share or rental. 

Case study 

DNP Auto Shot System adopted at Nago Pineapple Park!

Prior to the full-scale October launch, the DNP Auto Shot System was adopted at Nago Pineapple Park in Okinawa Prefecture. It has been in operation at the Dinosaur Adventure Tour since September 19.

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[Expansion of Photo Imaging Service]

DNP maintains the world's top share in the manufacture and sale of sublimation thermal transfer recording materials, such as color ink ribbons and image receiving paper, for photographic prints. We will also propose new products and services that utilize digital images and attractive venues to create new values in the photo print market, including offering consumers fun, happy, interesting or useful experiences to enhance their photography experiences. These are part of the intangible experiences, sometimes referred to as Kotozukuri*, we seek to promote on a global basis as we go forward. The Company is also developing businesses, such as photography and photo sales at tourist attractions and amusement facilities in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Asia. A further example of Kotozukuri* was the acquisition of Foto Fantasy Inc. in 2014. 

[CVI Becomes a DNP Subsidiary]

CVI was founded in 1977, and currently operates a photo print service business in amusement facilities mainly in the United States, while also marketing software licenses. CVI’s strengths are in the development of photo systems that leverage expertise, know-how and creativity in system operation. These include the Ride Photo Service, a ride capture system featured at attractions throughout the US that combines state of the art image captures with customized visual effects. According to the CVI website, “The result is a truly unique souvenir for riders to share with family and friends and extend their ride experience for years after the coaster pulls into the station.” CVI’s ride systems have been adopted at more than 100 locations in major theme parks and tourist spots such as Six Flags and Sea world. 

By making CVI a subsidiary, in addition to the aforementioned technologies, we also look to leverage management resources, such as photo shooting and system operations, and will expand photo-related services that the customer experience value at venues and events, including amusement facilities, tourist spots, museums, stadiums and sports facilities, theaters, concert halls and restaurants. 

Our services are offered at physical locations and online at places such as: 

1) A live solution that captures sporting highlights, such as professional baseball 

2) Souvenir photos at popular sightseeing spots 

3) Ride Photo at amusement parks 

4) Online live solutions 

5) Content related solutions, such as a green screen photos at amusement parks and tourist spots. 

6) Marketing collaboration using Sharingbox (a photo marketing booth company) that provide unique photo shooting experiences. 


Examples of photo services provided to amusement parks by CVI. 

[Going Forward]

We will provide the DNP Auto Shot System to sports facilities, stadiums, tourist spots, theme parks, commercial facilities, events and exhibitions. And by leveraging the CVI photo shot, marketing system and technology focused on large scale amusement parks we will jointly grow our business together aiming for sales of approximately 10 billion yen by Fiscal Year 2024.

At the same time, the amusement experience has been restricted as a countermeasure against the spread of Covid-19. And in these unusual times which call for the creation of a new normal society in the face of the virus, DNP will continue to provide various services in Japan and overseas, including a photo value that helps consumers preserve the enjoyment and excitement of their experiences.

* Kotozukuri; Creating new value, providing value added photo services and solutions.

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