DNP and Vietnam National University, Hanoi Launch Joint Research Project on Deep Learning-Based Action Recognition

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce a joint research project with The University of Engineering and Technology, a member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU-UET), the leading university in Vietnam. The project aims to create a next generation Comfortable Sales Space Environment using a new action recognition model based on Deep Learning. 

The project started in September 2019, and DNP has developed the first prototype system to be installed on digital shelf systems. The demo system can deliver information by recognizing customer behavior in relation to product packaging, when they select food, clothes or luxury goods.

[Project Objective]

DNP provides effective sales promotion services for retail outlets by combining a variety of services and products, such as digital signage and digital interactive systems. In this latest development, DNP is focused on the chain of customer behavior, and will develop action recognition models capable of predicting overall customer behavior and interests. Using this model, DNP will develop new interactive systems that can respond appropriately and provide visualization by capturing changes in customer interest and intent.

VNU-UET has developed a track record that includes numerous examples of artificial intelligence (AI) research, including robot development, and the capturing and reproduction of traditional dance action. In addition, VNU-UET has extensive experience in projects involving Vietnam offshore companies. DNP considers this to be an ideal joint research environment, and aims to rapidly develop new products and services.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP and VNU-UET are planning to exhibit a demo system based on the project. Together we will aim to provide new customer experiences by improving the action recognition model and interaction systems, as well as engaging in proof of concept tests.

[Vietnam National University, Hanoi]
Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) is the largest comprehensive higher education and research center in Vietnam. It was established to become a leading interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research university to contribute significantly to Vietnam’s industrialization and modernization. VNU has a mission to cultivate talent, promote advanced research and knowledge transfer, and pioneer higher education reform in Vietnam. VNU has high autonomy across the organization, including scientific research and technological development. VNU is entitled to work directly with ministries, ministerial level organizations, governmental bodies, people’s committees of central cities and provinces.
VNU‐UET is a member university of VNU and focuses its research and education on four advanced areas of science technology, including information and communication technology, along with electronics and automation. It has become one of the leading universities under the broader VNU umbrella, as well as throughout Vietnam, and has established a solid foundation to further accelerate its dynamic and sustainable development.

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