DNP Participates in The Valuable 500

Global CEO community revolutionizing disability inclusion

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce our July 7, 2020 participation in The Valuable 500. The Valuable 500(*1) is a global CEO Community looking to revolutionize disability inclusion in society through business leadership and opportunity. The community has its roots in an international initiative launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, otherwise known as the Davos Conference, in January 2019.

The objective of The Valuable 500 is to help those with physical and mental challenges provide greater value to society and the economy by calling on business leaders to promote inclusive efforts that leverage the strengths of each and every diverse individual in their own businesses, and by initiating reforms. The target is to reach 500 participating companies, and as of August 16, 2020, more than 300 companies around the world, including 19 companies in Japan, had participated as members. Prior to our participation DNP commits to the following and will work towards promote diversity and creating an inclusive society.

[DNP Commitment to the Valuable 500]

The DNP Group's DNP Group Code of Conduct advocates, “Respect for human dignity and diversity”. In addition, based on the DNP Group Human Rights Policy(*2) established in March 2020, all employees, including those with special needs, will combine their strengths to overcome social challenges and create new value that meet the expectations of consumers.

  1. We will provide a variety of opportunities so that people with special needs can leverage their strengths and work.
  2. We will train employees to promote their understanding of inclusion and build an environment where everyone can play an active role.
  3. We will promote Inclusive Design that involves the participation of a variety of people, including those with special needs, in the development of products and services.

We will make efforts to realize our corporate philosophy: "The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value," by respecting the individuality of all employees, mutually accepting each other, and leveraging each other's diversity as a strength.

* DNP advocates "Respect for human dignity and diversity" as one of the 10 items in the DNP Group Code of Conduct," which indicates the action to be taken by all employees. The Code stipulates respect for the diversity of culture, nationality, creed, race, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, age, and ways of thinking of all people, and that we conduct ourselves in a disciplined manner. We aim to fully understand that the human rights of all people affected by DNP's global business activities must be protected and will endeavor to fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights.

[DNP Aiming to Create Strength from Human Resources Diversity]

DNP combines the strengths of its proprietary Printing & Information (P&I) business, and by deepening cooperation with many partners, is endeavoring to overcome social challenges and create new value that meets consumer expectations. The Medium-Term Management Plan for the period from FY 2020 to FY 2022, released in June 2020, spells out the strengthening of our initiatives related to the environment, human resources and human rights in order to leverage non-financial capital in an integrated manner. We will also work towards fostering an organizational culture that takes on the challenge of change and build a foundation that supports sustainable growth.

The people and societies that DNP provides value to are truly diverse, and we believe it is essential to connect the diverse strengths of people both inside and outside the Company. In addition, we will utilize the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a “Measures for creating a better society,” and will continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities with the objective of achieving a rich and sustainable society in which no one is left behind.

1: For further information on The Valuable 500 please visit
2: For further information please visit

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