DNP Develops Mono-material Packaging Combining Barrier Properties that can Accommodate Heat Sterilization with High-Level Recyclability

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the development of a mono-material packaging combining barrier properties that accommodate heat sterilization with high-level recyclability. 

The new product includes oxygen and water vapor barrier properties for use with sterilization processes after filling, such as pasteurization  or retort sterilization. The packaging is based on a mono-material film packaging with improved recyclability that DNP has developed and marketed since 2018.


  • The newly developed product is a mono-material packaging maintaining oxygen and water vapor barrier properties, suitable for long shelf life of the contents, which has been achieved by utilizing DNP’s proprietary converting technology*. 
  • The new packaging is composed of a polypropylene (PP) mono-material, which not only improves recycling suitability, but also succeeds in reducing CO2 emissions during manufacture and disposal, while contributing to the reduction of waste. 
  • The product can accommodate  pasteurization  (using hot water up to 100C), and retort sterilization (via pressured heat sterilization in excess of 100C) after filling. Currently available mono-material packaging materials present challenges regarding barrier properties in the post heat sterilization stage. By applying DNP’s transparent vapor deposition IB-film technology, , it has been made possible to maintain barrier properties following heat sterilization. 
  • The newly developed mono-material packaging comes in a two product line up made up of a pouch type and a lidding type packaging for use with plastic containers. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including with cooked soup, ready-to-eat meal, cooked seasoned rice. The new packaging can also be used for lidding used with plastic containers that require heat sterilization such as pet foods along with fruits and jellies applications
  • It is also possible to modify the newly developed packaging so as to make it compatible with Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging(CEFLEX) guidelines, being a European consortium promoting the recycling economy in the flexible packaging industry. 
  • Manufacturing could be performed at DNP Indonesia or Vietnam, both of which have established DNP Group quality assurance systems, making it possible to respond to the global market.

Development and Market Needs

More companies are coming to view the problem of marine plastics pollution as abeginning, which is feeding into more rapid global efforts to recycle used plastic as a resource, many US and European multinationals consortium and companies are now advocating environmentally-conscious corporate policies, and have made declarations stating that their packaging will be switched to above a certain level or 100% recyclable materials. In addition, we are seeing increased needs for the long shelf-life of the contents in tandem with shortened cooking times. In particular, demand is expanding for pre-cooked foods that contain large amounts of water or oil, retorted foods and pet foods. 

Currently available mono-material packaging materials present challenges regarding barrier properties in the post heat sterilization stage. DNP has risen to the challenge and the new product has been developed for both domestic and overseas use to answer the growing need for sustainable packaging from companies looking to do business on the global stage. 

Going Forward

DNP will continue to leverage our high level converting technology and expand our lineup of products, including those with barrier and heat resistant properties and durability. We will strive to develop products and services targeting reductions in plastic usage and CO2 emissions. 

Our Product and Service Initiatives

At DNP, we combine the strengths of our proprietary Print and Information (P&I) field with those of our partners, and are engaged in the creation of new value that meets our consumer’s expectations, in addition to overcoming social challenges. In particular, in March 2020 we drew up the DNP Group Environmental Vision 2050 targeting the realization of a carbon free, recycling oriented society that coexists with nature. The packaging business touches upon the daily lives of consumers, and we are focused on eco-friendly thinking to achieve a recycling-oriented society, packages that contribute to improved quality of life by answering the need for ease-of-use, and are deploying a packaging brand that pursues optimal manufacturing by devising new functions and production technologies. 

*Converting technology is a material processing technology that alters the shape of, and integrates, materials. DNP utilizes this processing technology with paper and film, including film formation, coating, lamination, vapor deposition, shaping, transfers, cutting and polishing, bag making, molding and bookbinding. 

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