Dai Nippon Printing and AI inside Start Support Services for Utilizing AI with No-Code AI Model Builder "Learning Center"

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
AI inside Inc.

Dai Nippon Printing Co. (DNP), Ltd. and AI inside Inc. are pleased to announce that we have reached another phase on strengthening our partnership and start Support Services for Utilizing AI on April 21, 2021 (JST), using the Learning Center*1 developed by AI inside. The Learning Center enables everyone to easily build AI (artificial intelligence) models without code or specialized knowledge. We support other companies and municipalities to implement AI solutions and work together to make a new society where everyone can use AI to improve business efficiency with added value.

Support Services for Utilizing AI

AI inside provides the no-code AI builder, Learning Center, and investigates and organizes business scenarios of companies and municipalities, and provides technical support for highly accurate AI development.
In our solution, DNP will offer the Learning Center by AI inside and provide consultation for companies and municipalities that wish to solve issues by implementing AI. While DNP discovers corporate issues and ideas for AI utilization, DNP can also offer a solution such as "Annotation BPO*2" which includes outsourcing of the assignment of data with relevant information to build a highly accurate AI model, business process (BPR), and peripheral services including data collection and storage.
With this service, users can easily build and verify AI models so that we can speedily solve problems and provide added value through AI. Furthermore, Using the knowledge and customer needs obtained by this service, DNP plans to offer new services and packaged solutions with the AI for more general purposes.

Application example at DNP: Visual inspection of holograms for IC smart cards

DNP and AI inside held a workshop to build AI models with the Learning Center. One of the AI models is for inspecting the appearance of holograms on IC smart cards manufactured by DNP before its shipment. While it normally takes several months to build one model, the DNP staff at the manufacturing site with no specific knowledge on building AI models successfully built this AI model including the process of planning, organizing the data set for training, building the AI model, and verifying the accuracy for a month. Despite the small amount of image data used for this model (about 100 images), we achieved approximately 90% accuracy. The staff will add more image data in the future to further improve the accuracy.

“DNP has made use of P&I (Printing and Information) and provided value to a variety of customer contacts. Now, we are aiming to maximize the CX of companies and consumers beyond. DX is an essential part of CX. AI is a particularly important technology in this DX,” said Yoshiki Numano, Senior Corporate Officer at DNP. “Announcement of the Learning Center makes the world reach the future where everyone can utilize AI more easily. DNP continues to deliver new value to customers through this service.”
“At AI inside, we are aiming for a world where anyone can build AI, and share the AI within society through providing the AI platform. Our Learning Center is for everyone to build AI models easily without code, and this will make that world a reality,” said Taku Toguchi, Representative Director, President and CEO of AI inside. “With the strong partnership with DNP, we will continue to promote implementing AI into society and contribute to solving problems and improving business efficiency by providing services using the Learning Center together."

About the Learning Center (https://learningcenter.inside.ai)

The Learning Center is a service that enables anyone to build highly accurate AI models easily without code, using an intuitive and easy-to-use UI. After planning and collecting data, users can manage data and automatically generate and distribute AI on the Learning Center with simple input and clicks. In addition, users can improve the accuracy of the AI through additional training by themselves, and link it to other systems. Learning Center enables users to implement AI by themselves in a short period of time at a low cost, without hiring an AI vendor or developer. (Currently, the UI for the Learning Center is in Japanese.)

About Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.(https://www.global.dnp/
With the corporate philosophy of “connects individuals and society, and provides new value,” by using their overall strength “P&I”, we develop a variety of communication services and other products, and strive to solve social issues and create value that meets people's expectations.

-Location: Shinjyuku- Ku, Tokyo
-Representative: President Yoshinari Kitajima
-Founded: January 1894
-Business details: Publishing, Information Innovation, Imaging Communication, Packaging, Living Space, Industrial High-Performance Materials, Display Components and Electronic Devices Business

About AI inside Inc. (https://inside.ai/en/
With the mission of "To bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society.", we aim to realize a society in which AI (artificial intelligence) has spread to every corner of society. We provide a platform for anyone to utilize AI through our three services: "Workflows" for using AI, "Learning Center" for building AI, and "AI inside Cube" for running AI.

-Location: Shibuya- Ku, Tokyo
-Representative: Representative Director, President and CEO Taku Toguchi
-Founded: August 2015
-Business details:Development and provision of artificial intelligence and related information services

*1 AI inside news release April 21st, 2021 “AI Inside Launches Learning Center - A Low-Cost Way to Create Custom, Highly-Accurate AI Models Quickly and Easily with No Programming Required”
*2 Business Process Outsourcing, the outsourcing of operations and business processes to specialized companies.
-All company names and service names appearing on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks of AI inside.
-Product prices, specifications, and services described in the news release are current as of the date of the announcement. Please note that this information is subject to change without notice.

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