DNP America and DNP to Exhibit at SID Display Week 2021

DNP America, LLC (DNP America) and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will exhibit at a virtual display booth during Display Week, 2021. Hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID) from May 17 to May 21.

2021 marks the 58th Display Week and provides DNP with the opportunity to introduce a variety of functional films and functional materials which form part of our strength as a company.

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DNP Exhibits

1, Viewing Angle Improvement Film 

A surface film that enhances gradation expression by suppressing brightness and color change when viewed from an angle of LCD.

2, Blue Shift Control Film 

A film that improves the bluish tint of OLED when viewed from an angle. 

3, Non-Reflective Film

A non-reflective film that is optimal for screen displays. Performance of ultra-low reflectivity and anti-glare property have been achieved through the application of optical, materials and processing technologies. 

4, High Function Glass Cover

A high-performance glass cover that comprises both optical functions and shatterproof effects by protecting the edge of the glass cover with an optical film. 

5, UV Cut Film

A film with a thin (10μm or less) UV protection functional layer that is achieved by coating technology.  

6, Flexible Functional Film

A window film that is developed for foldable or rollable devices with transparency, high-hardness and flex resistance.

7, Conductive Film with Invisible Patterning

A conductive film with invisible wiring configured on a transparent substrate. As it is possible to add the antenna function to a variety of 5G-compatilbe devices without impairing the design, this film can be installed not only to mobile devices, but also to base stations and to Internet of Things (IoT) type devices. 

8, Smart Display Window

An originally developed DNP screen with high transparency and high brightness, developed by leveraging screen technology and LCD dimming technology. Combining a highly transparent screen with a dimming sheet results in the display of clear images, even in cases where the background is bright. 

9, Light Control Film

A Guest-Host Liquid Crystal (GHLC) format dimming film that can control the electrical transition between light transmission and light blocking, developed by combining converting technology and sheet processing technology. 

10, Micro-Structures in Large Scale Film

It is possible to deploy fine structures on film or substrate. Applications range from smart phone-sized displays to large scale TV displays.

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