eSports Program Combines Gaming with Competitive Sports

Supervised by boxer Shinsuke Yamanaka and fencer Ryo Miyake

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed an eSports program; with hands on sports contents created under the supervision of athletes and coaches. 

In the first round of the program, 29th WBC bantamweight world champion, Mr. Shinsuke Yamanaka, and London Olympics silver medal fencer, Mr. Ryo Yamanaka, will act as Special Ambassadors as DNP commences provision of boxing and fencing versions of eSports. 

eSports program works by linking the gaming equipment to the sports equipment. A sensor recognizes the movements of the player’s equipment and connects it the game action. Players perform movements in line with the game instructions to match the accompanying music. The new service is based on a rhythm game that ranks correct movements that match the rhythm of the music. It is a full-scale program based on sports mechanics that can be supervised by sports universities, athletes, and coaches, and which can make a contribution to real competition training.  Even events considered difficult for beginners can be easily experienced, and by calculating the calories consumed can also be applied in health management. 

Special Ambassadors Shinsuke Yamanaka and Ryo Miyake

Shinsuke Yamanaka meets a tough opponent in the boxing game!


With no end in sight to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are facing reduced opportunities to get out and exercise. Secondary health hazards, including weakened immunity, are becoming problematic, placing a renewed emphasis on the need for sports. Safe and secure sports management that rests on suitable anti-infection measures is in demand. 

At the same time, numerous events are facing a declining athlete population due to reduced opportunities to come into contact with various sports and as younger people shy away from sports in general. As a result, more initiatives are necessary for the dissemination of information regarding various sports, and to educate prospective athletes.

In order to address this situation, DNP has developed the eSports program that allows anybody to gain a full-scale experience of competitive sports in a safe and easy manner, regardless of age or experience. By creating opportunities to exercise and come into contact with sports, we will not only improve people’s health, but also support the expansion of competitive sports. 


  • eSports program is a simple game that links the sports equipment with the gaming equipment, and it is possible to obtain full-scale competition experience due to the fact that the design is based on sports mechanics. 
  • eSports program is easy to understand for players of all ages, beginning with children, and can be simply and safely experienced even by those using wheel chairs.
  • We anticipate providing the new service to physical education facilities, sports clubs, and sports training organizations, such as gyms and sports clubs, educational and medical sites, along with local governments.  The service will also be offered in a package that facilitates easy use by companies and organizations. 
  • As the new service can be enjoyed with just a display, target, and sports equipment, it can be installed and operated in a simple manner by a small group without taking up space. In cases where facilities or players already have the necessary equipment, the service can be used by adding a sensor. 
  • As the competition can be experienced in a simple manner, exercise opportunities will be created even for those consumers with little interest in sports. This in turn will help to disseminate information about various sports, and educate prospective athletes. Follow-up support will be provided, including how to use the competition equipment, and explanations of competition form, along with position adjustments for the target. Calories consumption calculations will also be provided, so that even beginners can get a full-scale hands on experience of competitive sports. 
  • Boxing program: Can be played by wearing boxing gloves with an attached sensor. A punching bag including a second sensor is used as the target.
  • Fencing program: Can be played with an electric sword, or a fencing sword made of soft material that serves as the fencing equipment. It is also possible to link the user’s existing electric sword to the system. The game can be played across the three official fencing events; the foil, the épée and the sabre. In terms of a target, a sensor can be attached to a dummy target and a target sword. It is also possible for a person to wear a sensor, and act as a target. For further information regarding Fencing program please visit, (Japanese only)
  • Both of the games to be offered on this occasion are programs that can be played by a single competitor. Looking ahead, we will introduce games from other genres, and develop different competitions. We will also consider online games that can be enjoyed by more than two players, and programs allowing for competition across different competition formats.

DNP Special Ambassadors

  • Mr. Shinsuke Yamanaka: 29th WBC bantamweight world champion, who successfully defended his title on 12 occasions. For more information please visit, (Japanese only)
  • Mr. Ryo Miyake: Silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympics as part of the épée team. For further information please visit (Japanese only)  
  • The music game used on this occasion – MUSE DASHI – was developed by PeroPeroGames which has sold 5 million units worldwide to date. 
  • Supervisory organizations: Mamoru Ito of Hosei University, Nihon University, University of Tokyo Fencing Club, NEXUS FENCING CLUB, Tokyo Fencing, and MC Design.


Looking Ahead

DNP will provide this service not just for hands on competition events, but also for competition training, to support the discovery and recruitment of talented athletes, as well as educational and entertainment purposes. The service will also be offered to fitness and healthcare services along with companies and local governments. Going forward, in addition to expanding into a wider variety of competitive events and games, we will also forge links with other sports-related businesses operated by DNP. We also plan to establish an official organization to promote the health of consumers and develop competitive sports. We aim for sales of 1.0 billion yen (approximately USD 9.1 million) by 2024. 

Contact Information

Please forward all inquiries to Mr. Tetsuya Amari of the Sales and Produce Section, Communication Business Development Department of the Content Communication Operating Division.

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