DNP Develops 5G-Sub6 Waveband Film-Type Antenna

Can be installed outdoors and does not detract from the existing surrounds

Tokyo, April 14, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a fifth generation (5G) sub6 waveband film-type antenna. The newly developed antenna maintains high design and weather resistant features, and can be wound around thin column-type objects with a diameter of 15 cm.

(At left) Wall paper with attached film-type antenna
(At right) Enlarged view


Sub6 waveband, covering both 3.7 GHz and 4.5 GHz wavebands, used in 5G high speed, large capacity communications, maintain only a short communication distance. As a result, it is necessary to install numerous base stations and antennas to cover the area where people can communicate. Demand is expected to rise for antenna capable of being installed seamlessly on street lights, telephone poles, and both inside and outside buildings in roofed arcades, underground malls and densely populated areas. Currently available antenna, however, are difficult to install on column type structures, and there have also been challenges, such as the design not harmonizing with the environment.

DNP has risen to the challenge, and has developed a film-type antenna, flexible enough to be wrapped around a slim column with a diameter of 15 cm. We have also devised a form and feeder design capable of supporting bandwidths in excess of 100 MHz allocated to each communication carrier’s 5G-sub6 waveband.

In addition, DNP proprietary Electron Beam (EB) coating technology is used to harden the functional resin coating on the film by exposing it to EB. As a result, we have improved weather resistance, and by taking into consideration the environment of the installation location, it has been possible to create a product that can be installed outdoors without clashing with the existing surrounds.


We have combined DNP proprietary technologies to enable a consistent development from pattern design to the processing of the film-type antenna.

The main features are as follows:

  • High flexibility makes it possible to install on curved surfaces.
  • Applying such design features as wood grain patterns to the film-type antenna, means it can be installed without any detracting from the existing surrounds.
  • Maintains weather resistance making it possible to install outdoors, including on street lights, traffic lights and telephone poles.

Joint demonstration tests were conducted in March 2022 with Osaka-based telecommunications carrier, OPTAGE Inc., and OPTAGE 5G LAB1. Local 5G facilities were used and 5G-sub6 waveband communication using a film-type antenna with a design was successfully completed.

Looking Ahead

DNP is targeting mass production in FY 2023, and will proceed with functional verification of the newly developed film-type antenna in collaboration with various communication-related companies, aiming for sale 1 billion yen (approx. USD 7.9 mln) in FY 2025.

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