DNP Develops Thin and Light-Weight Sheet that Selectively Absorbs Radio Waves in 5G Band

Exhibit at 5th. 5G Communication Technology Exhibition

Tokyo, June 28, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a thin and light-weight Radio Wave Absorption Sheet capable of the selective absorption of radio waves from specific frequencies in the fifth generation, or 5G, mobile communication system millimeter wave, or 28GHz, and sub-6, or 3.7GHz and 4.5GHz, at the same time as preventing wave leakage and interference. 

The new product applies DNP proprietary Electron Beam (EB) coating technology, producing the high weather resistance needed for outdoor use. It is also possible to create designs that are compatible with environmental and scenery considerations. 

The new product was exhibited at the DNP booth during the 5th. 5G Communication Technology Exhibition at Tokyo from June 29th to July 1st, 2022. 

Radio Wave Absorption Sheet with wood grain design sheet for use with millimeter wave and sub-6 band.

New Product Features

By applying and developing the microfabrication technology that DNP has cultivated over many years, it is now possible to provide total support from the design to the processing of the Radio Wave Absorption Sheet. The main features of the new product are as follows:  

1. Selective Absorption of 5G Frequency Bands

The new product is capable of absorbing decibels levels of -15dB or less for radio waves of a specific frequency in the millimeter wave and sub-6 band that form the 5G band. We can develop and provide products that adjust the frequency band of the radio waves to be absorbed in line with requests from, and applications at, client companies, local governments and other users.

2. Thin and Light-Weight 

Compared to conventional sheeting, the new product is extremely thin and lightweight. The millimeter wave band compatible sheet is 0.3 mm thick and weighs 0.5 kg per square meter, while the sub-6 band compatible sheet is 1.6 mm thick and weighs 3 kg per square meter. Due to the thin and light-weight, it can be easily constructed or installed in various places.

3. Harmonizing with the Environment

By using the Radio Wave Absorption Sheet with a variety of DNP designed sheet, such as wood grain, the new product can be installed without impairing the existing spatial design. 

Radio Wave Absorption Sheet with wood grain builders fitting sheet.

5th. 5G Communication Technology Exhibition

Looking Ahead

DNP is pushing ahead with feasibility tests for the Radio Wave Absorption Sheet aiming for commercialization by 2023.

We will also provide solutions facilitating the building of an optimal radio wave environment for 5G communication without spoiling the scenery, by combining the new product with 5G radio wave control components, such as Film Type Antenna and Reflect Array and design sheet for building materials owned by DNP. In anticipation of the spread of 5G, we will also continue to work on businesses such as the Extended Reality (XR) Communication Business that provides consumers with experience value in both real and virtual spaces, the distribution of 4K and 8K high-definition video, safe autonomous driving, along with remote medical care and telemedicine.

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