DNP Awarded the Grand Prize “good digital award” for the DNP’s Interactive Viewing Series

Recognized for contribution to sustainable value creation of cultural assets

Tokyo, October 3, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce that the DNP’s interactive viewing series, the interactive contents system developed and operated by the Company, has been awarded the Grand Prize in the Art Division of the 2022 “good digital award” sponsored by the government Digital Agency. 

Interactive Viewing Series

DNP leverages proprietary strengths in printing and information (P&I) to digitalizse works and cultural assets held by museums, libraries and archive institutions (MLA). We are engaged in the digital archives business that provides viewers with a sense of wonder, and contents to help them develop a deeper knowledge of those cultural assets. As part of those efforts, the interactive viewing series is a lineup of systems that combine high-definition digital data of cultural assets with the diverse intellectual information held by MLA. 

In addition to providing opportunities for as many people as possible to become interested in cultural assets and works of art, we will also help them to expand the breadth of their knowledge from such diverse standpoints as thematic and relationship-driven concepts. This will lead to the creation of even greater value for cultural assets through the provision of new cultural experiences. These include the ability to pick up and examine works of art in a virtual environment in cases where the actual works of art are unavailable. In addition to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF) in Paris, DNP has introduced the interactive viewing series to various MLA, and will further expand the scope of our activities in the future.

For further information on the interactive viewing series, please visit (No translation available at present)


  • Glass: Digitized creations are displayed on the screen of a smart glass-type wearable device, allowing the viewer to appreciate the creation in a virtual format. It is also possible to have an interactive experience unique to digital works of art, as by controlling their movements, users can virtually touch those creations.
  • Viewer: Users can manipulate the displayed work of art in a 3D manner, such as rotating, enlarging or shrinking it, or displaying highlight information.
  • Walk: By wearing a head-mounted display and actually moving while following handrails, it is possible to walk in a virtual space, which will excite the curiosity. 
  • Cube: It is possible to convey the appeal of the art collection by using a proprietary DNP cubic interface.

good digital award

This award is presented by the Digital Minister and recognizes individuals, companies and organizations who are contributing to "gentle digitalization that leaves no one behind" or are likely to be contributing to the effort going forward. The awards are comprised of nine divisions: Startups, Art, Entertainment, Education, Diversity & Inclusion, Disaster Prevention/Infrastructure, Mobility, Health/Medical Care/Nursing, and Agriculture/Fishery/Forestry/Food-related. Participants are assessed from the perspective of flexibility, development, and continuity.

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