Collaboration with Idomoo on Next Generation Video Platform

Will generate and deliver video in safer, securer environment

Tokyo, October 20, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Idomoo Ltd., a Ra’anana, Israel-based provider of next generation video platform. By introducing Idomoo’s platform into Japan we will build an environment enabling the safer and more secure generation and delivery of video. 

DNP supports corporate marketing activities1, such as leveraging the attributes of consumers who are the customers of such companies, to provide personalized video services that generate and deliver video messages tailored to each individual user. The sales of the platform will begin on Tuesday, October 20, 2023.

Collaboration with Idomoo

In the field of web-driven marketing the focus is on One-to-One communication between companies and consumers, and we are seeing increased demand for personalized videos generated via information, such as the individual attributes of consumers. To date, Overlay Technology has been used to generate personalized videos, which use HTML or JavaScript to overlay personal data, including text and images, on top of a basic template pattern. This method allows personal data to be rewritten, but leaves the risk that the content may be tampered with and altered if maliciously edited on the consumer’s browser. The placement of personal data within a video may also be limited, forming constraints on creative content production. 

In order to address such issues DNP will introduce Idomoo’s next generation video platform, which is the mainstream method overseas to generate videos containing directly embedded personal data. By adopting the platform we will be in a position to provide personalized video generation services with enhanced security. 

“Idomoo is the world's leading Personalized Video provider, used by brands that prioritize security and quality, including the five biggest banks in the U.S. and top insurance companies like USAA and Zurich,” said Yaron Dishon, Idomoo CRO. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with DNP to leverage their digital marketing and sales promotion expertise as we bring this highly effective one-to-one communication channel to more businesses in Japan.”

Personalized Video Service Features

Generation of video in a high security environment

With next generation video platform, videos are generated with personal data in a directly embedded state, rather than using traditional Overlay Technology, whereby personal data is overlaid onto a video template. Directly embedding data makes it impossible to rewrite video content following generation, significantly reducing the security risk of information tampering. 

DNP has also built a high security environment based on appropriate data handling policies, including properly encrypting personal data for video generation uses and deleting it immediately following video generation.

Personalization and optimization of video contents

With next generation video platform, it is possible to generate video displaying information, such as the name and details of the services used by each company client. By providing for automatic selection and sorting of video scenes according to such attributes and conditions, as gender, age and contract period, it is also possible to provide videos with scenarios tailored to each target audience. In addition, highly flexible designs are possible, including being able to freely design the position on the screen where personal data is displayed.

Integrating interactive functions

It is possible to insert buttons within the video that link to survey selection options, product and/or service information pages, along with purchase pages. As the video changes interactively based on consumer answers and clicks, this leads to a more pleasant video experience. At the same time, customer activity can be collected as statistical data and used to improve the video design.

Going Forward

DNP leverages its advanced security environment to provide a variety of services centered on managing customer data for companies. By combining personalized video services with marketing measures such as the sending of direct mail, we will provide companies with a customer communication method that leverages the strengths of both paper and digital.

We are also considering combinations with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services, such as deputizing for the acceptance of various applications and inquiries, which will reduce corporate workloads. DNP will push ahead with the provision of this new service, aiming for aggregate sales of 2.5 billion yen by 2025.

1: For further information regarding our communication measures for various clients, please visit (in Japanese only)

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