DNP to Exhibit at SEMICON Japan 2023

Will introducing cutting-edge EUV lithography photomasks and advanced semiconductor package materials and substrates

Tokyo, December 4, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will exhibit at SEMICON Japan 2023 to be held at the International Exhibition Center of Tokyo Big Sight from December 13th to 15th, 2023. 

DNP is pouring its efforts into the semiconductor-related field as a focus business area. We utilize proprietary core technologies, such as Micro Processing Technology and Precision Coating Technology to produce photomasks that serve as the master plates for manufacturing semiconductor fine circuit patterns. We also provide materials for advanced semiconductor packages. 

DNP will exhibit at booth number 3840 located in East Hall 3. We will introduce a variety of products and services that support front-end processes, such as semiconductor design, and back-end processes, such as packaging.

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Image of DNP booth

DNP Exhibits

DNP provides a variety of semiconductor-related products and services by applying and developing proprietary Microfabrication Technology and Precision Coating Technology, which are based on our core printing processes. Through such semiconductor-related initiatives, DNP supports the foundations of the information society and contributes to the realization of a richer lifestyle. In this latest development, we will renew our commitment to this technology by providing an overview of our efforts in these fields. 

Front-end processes related to semiconductor manufacturing 

1. Design and development support 

DNP LSI Design Co., Ltd., a member of the DNP Group, will introduce IC (Integrated Circuit) and LSI (Large Scale Integration) design. This includes leveraging the know-how cultivated throughout an extensive track record to provide semiconductor manufacturers with prototyping, and mass production contract services.

2. Photomasks for semiconductor manufacturing

DNP manufactures and supplies high-precision photomasks using multi-beam mask writing tool (MBMW), which DNP was the first company to install as a specialized merchant photomask manufacturer. In this latest development, DNP will exhibit a photomask with pellicle for Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) lithography the most advanced semiconductor process. In addition, we will exhibit a template for nanoimprint lithography. There are high expectations for this template as a new technology capable of supporting both shrinking chip structure and power consumption reduction in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Semiconductor manufacturing post-processing 

1. Lead frame with resin 

This product has a hybrid structure based on metal and resin, which allows for a higher number of pins than conventional lead frames. In addition to communications applications such as Wi-Fi routers, the lead frame can also be used in multi-chip package for automotive, which power supply IC and switch IC are mounted adjacently that needs heat radiation. 

2. Interposer for advanced semiconductor packages 

The interposer is a relay component for mounting multiple semiconductor chips with different functions, such as Central Processing Units (CPU) and memories, on a single board and connecting them electrically. It solves problems such as increased wiring resistance and decreased insulation between wiring in line with a deterioration of wiring layers due to the miniaturization of the wiring.

3. Through Glass Via (TGV) glass core substrate for advanced semiconductor packages

We will exhibit a TGV glass core substrate with 510x515mm capable of supporting high efficiency and larger areas. Using high-density TGV technology we can replace conventional resin substrates with glass substrates, making it possible to provide high-performance semiconductor packages. 

4. Glass Wiring Substrate with polymer optical waveguide for co-packaged optics

We will exhibit our Glass Wiring Substrate with polymer optical waveguide, which is required in next-generation data centers where both power saving and high performance are needed. This substrate has an optical waveguide for mounting optical devices and can be applied to co-packaged optics.

5. Film for semiconductor production processes

We will exhibit an Ultra Clean Peelable Film (UCPF) that simplifies the double packaging of semiconductor device parts. A heat resistant adhesive film will also be on display. The tape can be easily peeled off after use, and leaves no adhesive residue even following use where heat and chemical resistance are factors. A Cover Tape compatible with electronic parts and devices will also be exhibited.

*Product specifications and service details referred to in this news release are current as of the date of the announcement. They may be changed without notice.

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