Spaces for taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration

DNP seeks to create value that solves social issues by collaborating with our customers and partners. We synergize their ideas and technologies with DNP’s strengths of printing and information (P&I). Thus, we call this "P&I Innovations."

At DNP, taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration between people with diverse knowledge and perspectives form the driving force behind innovation. We have established the P&I LAB. as presentation and collaboration facilities that promote innovation.

Code of Conduct

This photo shows an example of a P&I LAB. Designed to facilitate workshops and brainstorming sessions, the P&I Lab provides a free atmosphere for collaboration with people outside the company.

Collaboration through P&I LAB.

P&I LAB. provides opportunities for taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration


Utilize P&I LAB. for advancing collaborations and accelerating new value creation.

Discovering issues

There are three zones for learning about DNP's technologies and the value we create. Through taiwa (dialogue) and experience, we can deepen mutual understanding and discover issues.

P&I LAB. Tokyo
Welcome Zone
Technology Zone
Experience Zone
P&I Lab. Osaka
Exhibition Zone
Packaging Zone
Space Creation Zone

Generating Ideas

Discussions and workshops are held based on the issues discovered to generate ideas for resolving the issues and creating a better future.

P&I LAB. Tokyo
Creation Zone
P&I LAB. Osaka
Creation Zone

Shaping ideas

Prototypes are produced and verified, and further discussions are held to materialize the ideas.

P&I LAB. Tokyo
Prototyping Studio
Realizing P&I Innovation
Creating value that solves social issues

Introduction of each P&I LAB. facility

  • P&I LAB.




    This zone is the entrance to P&I LAB. Tokyo, where visitors can see a diorama of DNP's products and services as the components of a city, as well as the history of DNP's technologies.

  • 2


    This is the zone where we have dialogue with you on the theme of technology and discover your issues.
    Experience the strengths and technologies of P&I and the value provided with its approximately 250 products and services.

  • 3


    Through experiencing "The Future Envisioned by DNP," this zone is a place where visitors while imagining the future can explore new values based on issues to be solved and people's expectations.
    Themes include "XR Communication," "Future Living," and "Future Learning."

  • 4


    With "Creation" as the theme, this space is dedicated for exchanges and discussions with others within or outside your company. Ideas are exchanged and workshops are held in an atmosphere different from that of an office.

  • 5


    We will work with you to take on the challenges of commercialization and social implementation, from data production to prototyping, monitoring, and verification.
    We support a variety of prototyping from manufacturing to DX solutions.


  • This is a hub for collaboration in the Kansai region and consists of four zones: Exhibition, Creation, Packaging, and Space Creation.

About facility use

P&I LAB. facilities are intended for use by our business partners, and therefore we do not accept general customers for visits. We welcome our partners to visit and address their needs and issues and focus on themes. All visits require advance reservations. If you believe your business qualifies and you're interested, please feel free to contact us.

Facility visit flow (reservations required)

  1. Inquiry to DNP staff in charge

  2. Introduction to each facility in accordance with customer needs, issues, and themes

  3. Facility visit/start of collaboration activities