Technologies and R&D Message

Masato Yamaguchi, Senior Managing Director

Realizing improved future standards

Four growth areas

DNP is working to solve social issues and create value that exceeds expectations in the face of sweeping social change. We will create value in the four growth areas of "Knowledge and Communication," "Food and Healthcare," "Lifestyle and Mobility" and "Environment and Energy," seeking to realize improved future standards.

DNP's unique strength: "P&I"

We have created a broad range of products and services by constantly refining our unique strengths in P&I (printing and information) cultivated over many years, while also pioneering new technologies and building on existing expertise. We are becoming even more competitive by synergizing advanced technologies, such as operational efficiency through AI (Artificial Intelligence), innovative production systems that develop their own manufacturing equipment, and materials development through the use of MI (Materials Informatics)*. In addition, to make these strengths sustainable and effective, we consider the acquisition and expansion of intellectual property as an important management issue, and are working to acquire many different patents.
Through these efforts, we are providing global value and have created businesses including battery pouches for lithium-ion batteries, optical films used for displays and metal masks for OLED displays manufacturing, which we boast top global market share.
In addition, while keeping our eyes on the mega-trend of digital transformation (DX), we are working to create new businesses while enhancing the value of existing businesses by synergizing our "P&I" strengths with them. For example, we are developing businesses in a number of areas, such as "honto," a hybrid bookstore network, and an electronic payment platform that utilizes information security technology developed through our smart card business.

  • MI (Materials Informatics): A materials development method utilizing AI and other information sciences

Four focus business areas and open innovation

DNP is currently strengthening its R&D and commercialization efforts in our four focus business areas of IoT and next-generation communications, data distribution, mobility, and the environment, based on the axes of market growth and profitability. We are working on new hybrid products and services that enhance our unique core technologies and create synergy. Specifically, we are promoting R&D that brings together analog and digital realms, real and virtual worlds, and the areas of manufacturing and services. In addition, we are actively promoting open innovation activities along with many partners in Japan and worldwide to synergize our strengths across a wide spectrum of fields.

A corporate culture that supports new challenges

DNP is continually taking on the challenge of innovation in order to create new value. This is made possible by a corporate culture that encourages our employees to have the courage and determination to stand on the front lines to carve out the future themselves. By constantly taking on challenges in uncharted territory, without fear of failure, we will continue to create essential value necessary to our every day life, while contributing to future standards.