MWC Barcelona 2024 DNP to Exhibit Radio Control Devices at Japan Pavilion

Tokyo, February 22, MWC Barcelona is one of the world's largest mobile technology trade fairs, and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce that we will exhibit at the Japan Pavilion in Booth No. 6E54, Hall 6. MWC Barcelona 2024 will be held at the Fira de Barcelona in Spain from Monday, February 26th to Thursday, February 29th, 2024.

Image of the Japan Pavilion

When building a wireless communication area for 5G and Beyond 5G  (6G) communication standards DNP utilizes proprietary core technologies, such as Microfabrication Technology and Precision Coating Technology to overcome radio wave environmental challenges. We develop products that help solve such issues, and will introduce them to visitors from around the world at the DNP booth.

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DNP has created a diverse range of businesses by applying, developing, and combining the strengths of our proprietary Printing & Information (P&I) technologies. We produce many high-performance film products with added functions, such as reflective, conductivity control, and surface design. These include Micro-Processing Technology driven solutions, which perform fine processing of metal, glass, and resin substrates, and Precision Coating Technology, which configures coating films of various materials, in a single layer or multiple layers, on the surface of the substrate. In addition, by applying these technologies and know-how to radio waves, we are developing asymmetric radio wave reflectors, or reflect arrays, for 5G and Beyond 5G  (6G), along with film-type antennas with advanced design features and weather resistance. By combining multiple products, we will contribute to the realization of an optimal wireless radio environment. The exhibition will introduce DNP's initiatives in the next-generation communications field.

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1.  5G Film Antenna 

The 5G Film Antenna is compatible with the sub6 waveband of 5G communications, combining flexibility, design quality and weather resistance. Through creative working of the antenna shape and feed line design, we are now able to support bandwidths of 100MHz or higher. Also, the use of DNP's proprietary Electron Beam (EB) Coating Technology has made it possible to improve weather and scratch resistance, while also creating a design that takes into account both the indoor and outdoor environment, along with the landscape of the installation location.

2. Reflect Array with Reflect Array with DNP’s High-Precision Marker

The Reflect Array is a product that asymmetrically reflects radio waves in the sub6 band and millimeter wave band used in 5G and Beyond 5G (6G) in a targeted direction. Even in locations where radio waves have been difficult to penetrate, such as in the shadow of buildings, it is now possible to improve communication quality without the need for large-scale construction, such as adding base stations or installing power supplies. 

In addition, by using High-Precision Markers capable of detecting positional relationships and angles with high precision, it is now possible to install reflect arrays with accurate positioning and angles.

3. Transparent EMI Shielding Film 

Transparent EMI Shielding Film is a film product that suppresses electromagnetic interference (EMI) and is made of materials with a low environmental impact. By attaching the product to a window, it is possible to suppress the intrusion of electromagnetic waves from outside, and prevent communication problems caused by electromagnetic interference while also maintaining high-level transparency.

4. Transparent Antenna Film 

Transparent Antenna Film is a product in which metal is wired on a transparent film in a mesh pattern so fine that it is invisible to the naked eye. Characterized by excellent transparency, it is possible to add antenna functionality to a variety of 5G-compatible products without compromising the design. By using this product, it is possible to freely install antenna functions on mobile devices, base stations, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

5. Radio Wave Absorption Sheet 

The Radio Wave Absorption Sheet is a product that selectively absorbs radio waves of specific frequencies in the sub6 band and millimeter wave band of 5G communications. It is possible to apply various designs to the surface of the sheet, while maintaining the high level of environmental friendliness required for indoor use. As a result of improved materials and design, this product is significantly thinner and lighter than currently available products, and is also highly weather and scratch resistant.

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