"Taiwa" (dialogue) and Collaboration-Focused Innovation

DNP seeks to create value that solves social issues by collaborating with our customers and partners and synergizing their ideas and technologies with DNP’s strengths of printing and information (P&I). DNP calls this "P&I Innovations."

Taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration within the DNP Group


We promote Taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration among our employees who are working at different internal organizations, and who have diverse fields of expertise, to generate ideas and apply and develop existing technologies.

Taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration with partners


We engage in active dialogue with companies, universities, research institutes, customers and suppliers in other fields, and conduct joint research and development that leverages each partner's strengths.

Facilities for Taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration

At DNP, Taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration between people with diverse knowledge and perspectives form the driving force behind innovation. We established the P&I LAB., a presentation and collaboration facility, as a hub to promote a variety of innovations.

Collaboration through P&I LAB.

P&I LAB. Facility Themes

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    This is a space for exchange and discussion inside and outside the company on the theme of collaboration. Here, ideas are exchanged and workshops are held in an atmosphere different from that of a regular office.

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    At the P&I LAB., we create new products by synergizing DNP's unique technologies, developed and applied through the printing process, with the technologies and ideas of people outside the company. DNP also offers remote access services to the P&I LAB.

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    The theme of this facility is the development of packaging that incorporates the viewpoints of consumers, based on the concept of "human-friendly."

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    This facility is themed around "space creation," comprising everything from living spaces to shops, commercial facilities and offices, based on the motto, "Design space with more freedom."

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    This facility is themed around business development related to publications that have supported the development of civilization for more than 140 years, since DNP’s founding in 1876.

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    This facility is a base for collaboration in the Kansai area and consists of four zones that include exhibition, co-creation, packaging and space creation.

P&I LAB. Value Co-creation

Facility visit flow (reservations required)

  1. Inquiries to DNP staff in charge

  2. Introduction to each facility in accordance with customer needs, issues, and themes

  3. Facility visit/start of collaboration activities

*Regarding visits

P&I Lab. is a facility for business partners and therefore we do not accept general customers for visits. At present, we are limiting visits to customers who we are already communicating with.

Going forward, we seek to create value to solve social issues together with various companies and research institutes.

DNP Group Vision / Code of Conduct