Disclosure Policy

Transparency, fairness and continuity—our principles in providing timely and relevant information.

To provide our shareholders and investors with timely and relevant information with transparency and fairness, DNP discloses information based on the policy below.

1. Information Disclosure Standards

DNP promptly discloses information in accordance with relevant laws, including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Timely Disclosure Rules. Furthermore, we will promptly and proactively disclose information that we think is necessary or useful to understanding DNP, even if this information does not fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules.

2. Information Disclosure Legislation

Information that is subject to Timely Disclosure Rules will be announced via news media such as TDNet (the Timely Disclosure information transition system) after being described to the Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the same law, and swiftly posted to DNP’s homepage. Information that we believe will deepen understanding of DNP will also be provided promptly via news media and our homepage.

3. Silence Period

In order to ensure fairness, DNP will implement a “silence period” before announcing financial results, and will refrain from responding to comments or questions relating to the financial results. However, information will still be promptly disclosed during the “silent period” if it is found that major changes in our business performance are expected. Questions pertaining to previously announced information will be answered.