President's Message

Creating future standards
DNP will continue to embody this brand statement by making continuous strides toward realizing a sustainable, better society and more enjoyable lifestyles.

The DNP Group will continue to solve social issues and create value that meets people's expectations based on our corporate philosophy: "The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value." By giving our products and services indispensable value in the daily lives of people around the world, we plan to make DNP an indispensable company for people and society.
Breathing this aspiration into our corporate statement: Creating future standards, DNP recognizes it has a mission of creating a better future. We will fulfill this mission with passion by synergizing our unique strengths in P&I (Printing & Information) and deepening cooperation with partners. There are many risks (variables) in our world today, not just including the coronavirus pandemic. DNP will firmly identify these risks, not only in efforts to curb any negative impacts stemming from them, but to also create new value that is ahead of the times. In this way, we will contribute to realizing a sustainable, better society and more enjoyable lifestyles, while looking toward the long term and constantly considering the coexistence between our business activities and the global environment.

PresidentYoshinari Kitajima

DNP's vision for the future and the company
"Creating new value that connects individuals and society"

The Medium-term Management Plan
"Building on value creation from a long-range perspective"