Request from the DNP Group to Our Suppliers

We have established the following targets for the DNP Group and its suppliers to enhance the social compliance of the entire value chain and improve the competitiveness of the DNP Group and its suppliers.

1. Contributing to society

Contribute to society through development, manufacturing, sales and other corporate activities.

2. Superior quality

Manufacture products with superior physical properties and design, while giving due consideration to the environment.

3. Product safety and stability

Always comply with environmental laws and regulations, and make advances in product safety to promote social responsibility. Moreover, continue to manufacture products of consistent quality regardless of changes in manufacturing sites, production lines and environments.

4. Establishment of an appropriate management system

Establish an appropriate management system in compliance with international standards* such as ISO.

  • *Reference: ISO9000s (quality management systems), ISO14000s (environmental management systems), ISO22000 (food safety management systems), ISO/IEC27000s (information security management systems), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), Privacy Marks

5. Competitive pricing

Reduce costs by reviewing raw materials, improving efficiency of manufacturing processes, etc.

6. Reliability and speed of delivery

Ensure reliable and speedy product supply by maintaining appropriate inventories and arranging appropriate logistics bases.

7. Establish a risk management system for disasters, etc.

Establish a risk management system including a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure supply in the event of a disaster.

8. Creation of new value

Create, propose and provide new value through new products, product evolution, environmentally friendly products, etc.

9. Prompt provision of information

Create a system capable of immediately responding to inquiries and requests for research on environmental aspects, product safety, pricing, delivery dates, etc.

10. Stable management

Improve management monitoring functions and establish a system to avoid management crises. Maintain business conditions that allow for continuous transactions.

11. Human resource development

Develop human resources to quickly and efficiently acquire knowledge of the company's technology and business operations.

12. Creation of a sound corporate culture

Create a corporate culture in which employees can work happily and positively, and are free to speak up about problems regarding their work.

13. Compliance with procurement guidelines, etc.

Comply with the CSR Procurement Guidelines, Group Guidelines for Procurement of Paper for Printing and Processing, Green Purchasing Guidelines for Chemical Substances, and Green Purchasing Policies.