Basic Procurement Policy

The DNP Group is looking for a wide range of partners who can supply premium quality materials and services at reasonable prices and within the required delivery time. Moreover, we work with our suppliers to fulfill our social responsibilities (CSR), including compliance with laws and regulations, environmental conservation and appropriate labor standards.


In selecting suppliers, we thoroughly consider quality, price advantage, certainty of delivery, after-sales service, reliability and technical capabilities, and will select suppliers in accordance with the principle of fair competition.

Equal opportunities

We select suppliers who can provide economical and high-quality products and services, regardless of whether they are existing suppliers or are located inside or outside of Japan.

Mutual growth

We strive to build relationships of mutual trust with our suppliers through fair trade that allows us to grow together.

Social responsibility

In its transactions, DNP and its suppliers shall understand and respect all laws, regulations and business practices, and shall fulfill our social responsibility (CSR) by giving due consideration to labor conditions, resource conservation, environmental protection and other issues.