Promoting Responsible Procurement

DNP's CSR guidelines for procurement

The modern society in which we live faces numerous challenges, including environmental issues, human rights issues, labor shortages and corruption. Under these circumstances, the world as a whole needs to take action to create a sustainable society. At the same time, demands for corporations to take the initiative are becoming louder. DNP is promoting CSR initiatives throughout the Group, but cooperation from our suppliers is essential. We ask for your understanding and cooperation with regard to the following "DNP Group CSR procurement guidelines" to promote CSR initiatives and ensure sustainable growth for society, our suppliers and the DNP Group as a whole.

Notice of revision

In November 2021, the "DNP Group CSR procurement guidelines" were revised.

DNP's approach to CSR

Our corporate philosophy states that "The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value." Our CSR policies are precisely the pursuit of this corporate philosophy. To this end, we believe it is important to create new value, establish an emergent corporate culture, and continue to act with integrity through dialogue with all stakeholders. By providing useful products and services, by disclosing information as appropriate, and by pursuing fair and equitable transactions, employee-friendly company policies, social contribution activities and environmental conservation activities, we hope to contribute to the sustainable growth of society by addressing the issues faced by our many stakeholders.

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