2015- Aiming to Realize DNP's Third Corporate Founding

The DNP Group Vision 2015 was formulated and announced in 2015. The Vision came with a new corporate philosophy: "The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value." DNP has made it known both to its employees and to the public that it strives to achieve change and create new value to solve social issues.
DNP is currently aiming to realize its Third Corporate Founding. Inherent in this founding is the determination that the company must go beyond the Second Corporate Founding that took place in the post-war reconstruction period and create new value in today's rapidly changing social environment.
Moving forward, the company will leverage its strengths in Printing & Information (P&I) and create new value for people and society through Taiwa (dialogue) and cooperation with its many partners.

  • Interactive art installation "Diversity", Expo Milano 2015
  • DNP Ichigaya-Kagacho Building
  • ID photo booth
  • "Globes in Motion" exhibition
  • DNP Plaza
  • Skin display
Developed reflective film for agricultural use
March 18
DNP selected as a winner of “The FY2014 Diversity Management Selection 100” project sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
May 1
Expo Milano 2015 opened, with DNP sponsoring the Japanese pavilion
August 6
Acquired Tamura Plastic MFG. Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary under the name DNP Tamura Plastic Co., Ltd.
August 8
Completed DNP Ichigaya-Kagacho Building
Began offering "augmented reality (AR) videos" as one of the services available through the "DNP Imaging Mall"
October 1
Announced the "DNP Group Vision 2015"
October 20
Began offering "My Number" citizen ID card application service through ID photo booths
Developed “lighting film” that brightens a room by reflecting and diffusing sunlight entering from windows
Began offering BPO services that help corporations respond to the introduction of Japan's "My Number" citizen ID numbering system
February 19
Held "Globes in Motion" exhibit in collaboration with the National Library of France (BnF) until September 4
March 16
Launched Cyber Knowledge Academy Co., Ltd. to train personnel capable of countering cyber-attacks
Established a smart card personalization joint venture, PT. Wahyu DNP Bureau, with Wahyu Kartumasindo International of Indonesia
August 25
Opened DNP Plaza in Ichigaya, Tokyo
October 1
Established DNP Communication Design Co., Ltd.
December 13
Received Grand Prize in the "9th Work-Life-Balance Awards" sponsored by Japan Productivity Center
2017February 7
Produced a replica of the Japan-Denmark Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation, and Denmark presented it to Japan
May 16
Concluded an agreement with Photronics Inc. of the U.S. to establish a joint venture in China related to semiconductor photomask business
In collaboration with Yusen Logistics Co, Ltd., constructed a temperature-controlled international transportation service that makes use of the "DNP Multi-functional Thermal Insulated Box"
September 21
Participated in the FinTech Demonstration Testing Hub established by Japan’s Financial Services Agency
October 1
Consolidated two shares of common stock into one share, and changed the number of shares of per share unit from 1,000 shares to 100 shares
October 2
Embarked on joint research with the National Center for Child Health and Development aimed at using next generation gut organoids chips to support pharmaceutical development
December 12
Certified by the Japan Sports Agency as a "sports yell company," i.e. a company that encourages employees to engage in sports
Developed an ultra-thin elastic skin display in collaboration with the University of Tokyo
March 6
"Ichigaya no Mori (Ichigaya Forest)" acquired ABINC (Association for Business Innovation in Harmony with Nature and Community) Certification
April 1
DNP-SIG Combibloc established as a new company as a joint venture with SIG Combibloc group (Switzerland)
May 21
DNP received an award from Fairtrade Label Japan for reaching one million cups of Fairtrade-certified coffee consumed at the company. DNP is the first company to have received this award in Japan.
DNP's monitoring system, Your Manager (Package Type) adopted for use in clinical research at the Cardiology Department of Tokyo Women's Medical University
Developed a transparent screen that can display vivid images even in bright places
June 28
Yoshinari Kitajima assumed the role of president
DNP Group's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target recognized under the Science Based Targets Initiative
August 10
Published the "DNP Group Integrated Report"
Developed mono-material film packaging suitable for recycling
2019February 19
Entered into a partnership agreement with BlockPunk Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
April 22
"DNP Multifunctional Thermal Insulation Box" won the 28th Annual Grand Prize for Global Environment Awards
April 23
A joint venture with the U.S. company Photronics Inc. started production of photomasks for semiconductors in Xiamen, China
Started providing cyber vulnerability countermeasure solutions in partnership with Vdoo (Israel)
Developed a sheet-type coil capable of high-power transmission for wireless charging of electric vehicles
August 1
Established "DNP INNOVATION PORT", a website for collaboration and business creation with start-ups
September 2
Produced and released high-definition 8K VR content of the national treasure, the Kondo (Golden Hall) of Ninnaji Temple
Started providing a system platform for personal data trust bank businesses
2020January 23
Developed "Vaper Chamber", an ultra-thin heat dissipation component for 5G smartphones
March 31
Announced "DNP Group Environmental Vision 2050"
April 1
Launched DNP Planning Network Co., Ltd.
June 29
Established Agrex DNP Vietnam Co., Ltd. in partnership with Agrex (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
July 1
Started "DNP Secure Communication Service"
September 1
Obtained SIAA (antiviral) certification for EB olefin sheets for interior materials
September 3
Selected as "Digital Transformation Brand (DX Brand) 2020"
September 25
Capital and business alliance with BroadBand Security, Inc.
Developed and started selling DNP ultra-low reflection face shield