Message from the President

Yoshinari Kitajima, President and Chairman of the Sustainability Committee

Yoshinari Kitajima, President and Chairman of the Sustainability Committee

Transforming risks into opportunities to create a better future

At the DNP Group, we continually take on the challenge of advancing sustainable social well-being for all. For DNP, a challenge entails "making the future better than the present," and we accomplish this by taking the initiative in solving diverse social issues and creating value that exceeds people’s expectations.

To realize this goal, in April 2022, we strengthened our corporate structure to manage medium-and long-term environmental, social and economic risks, identify business opportunities, and reflect them in our management strategies. The existing Sustainability Committee, which was reorganized at the time and which I myself chair, works with the Corporate Ethics Committee, the BCM Promotion Committee and other committees to address risks relevant to the entire company. Throughout the supply chain, we will reduce the negative impact of all potential risks and create new value with positive impact, thereby improving our corporate sustainability as well as our environmental, social and economic sustainability.

For DNP to continue to provide value, we must keep the trust of all our stakeholders. To this end, we have three responsibilities: value creation, integrity in conduct and transparency (accountability). Of late, there has been particular demand for management that emphasizes ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and sustainability. We will continue to fulfill our responsibilities to the diverse environment, society, economy and the diverse people who live in them. We will continue to embrace the challenge of creating a better future together.

Chairman of the Sustainability Committee
Yoshinari Kitajima