Principal Themes:Responsible Procurement

Green Purchasing Efforts

We have established the DNP Group Green Purchasing Policy to promote efforts to purchase environmentally-conscious materials and products.

DNP Group Green Purchasing Policy

The DNP Group is fully aware of the critical role green purchasing plays in forming a market for environmentally-conscious products and how extremely effective green purchasing is in creating a sustainable society. Based on the guidelines described below and in collaboration with the relevant divisions, the Group is making efforts to promote green purchasing when procuring materials or paper products, or placing orders for buildings or equipment.

  • The conditions described below shall be taken into consideration when procuring materials.
    • Substances harmful to the environment or health are not contained.
    • Consumption of raw materials or energy is minimal.
    • Sustainable raw materials are used.
    • It is possible to recycle the material or use the material for a longer period than the hitherto used material.
    • The product consists largely of recycled materials or re-used parts.
    • When discarding the product, it is easy to process, treat, or dispose of.
  • When purchasing office supplies, selection shall be made with priority given to products that bear the Eco Mark and in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Green Purchasing Network. With regard to the purchase of products that are not yet covered by the Eco Mark or the Green Purchasing Network guidelines, the conditions stipulated in Section (1) mentioned above shall be applied.