DNP's Main Initiatives

Here we introduce DNP's social contribution activities for continuing to be a good corporate citizen.

Activity theme

With love for nature

Scope|Environmental conservation

Conservation of biodiversity

DNP receives numerous benefits from ecosystems that are supported by rich biodiversity and believes that maintaining harmonious coexistence with the environment is essential for sustainable growth as a company. In keeping with this belief, through its main business activities DNP is working to conserve biodiversity such as in procuring raw materials while creating green areas at business sites.

DNP is promoting ex situ conservation by utilizing the green space on the premises of DNP Technopack's Yokohama Plant.

DNP's initiatives toward biodiversity

Cleanup activities

As one of its initiatives to conserve the natural environment, DNP is promoting local cleanup activities at each Group business site across the country. In the Kansai area, for more than 30 years DNP has been undertaking cleanup activities around Kyoto’s Arashiyama and Nakanoshima Park (Katsura River) twice a year, in spring and autumn. This initiative is led by the employee labor union, with over 100 people participating in each cleanup.

DNP also encourages families of employees to participate in these cleanup activities around Arashiyama and the Katsura River in Kyoto.

Activity theme

With a broad outlook

Scope|Community and international engagement

Fairtrade Activities

Fairtrade activities aim to improve the living conditions and self-independence of vulnerable producers and workers in developing countries by continuously and stably trading raw materials and products at a fair price. The DNP Group has worked to spread the Fairtrade activities since the inception of these activities in Japan. They include promoting the in-house consumption of Fairtrade-certified coffee, which reached one million cups in March 2018. In recognition of these achievements, DNP was presented with the first-ever certificate of commendation in Japan from Fairtrade Label Japan, a specified NPO.

Fairtrade-certified coffee is served to guests.
We provide cafeteria menus that feature certified products during Fairtrade Month Campaign in May

Support for women in developing countries(donation of postage stamps and postcards)

In collaboration with the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP), an NGO for international cooperation, every year the DNP Group contributes to women's support activities, mainly supporting secure and safe childbirth in disaster-stricken regions in Asia, Africa and Japan, by donating used stamps and unused postcards and stamps. Numerous employees participate each year as a project enabling the participation of Group employees throughout Japan.

Volunteer employees sort stamps and postcards received from business sites throughout Japan.

Local community contribution activities

DNP Group's overseas subsidiaries undertake a variety of local community contribution activities.

Through Karawang International Industrial City Community Association we belong to and with the support of IPB University, DNP Indonesia has been participating in Telaga Desa Agro-Enviro Education Park, a local community contribution program involving technical guidance and technology transfer in the agriculture, fisheries, livestock and forestry industries, since the program's inception, as it continuously provides support over the long term. These efforts are aimed at improving the productivity of neighboring communities whose main industry is agriculture and helping build self-reliant societies.

DNP Indonesia's Karawang Plant

Activity theme

For the next generation

Scope|Nurturing scholarship, promotion of education, encouragement of the next generation, and the development of the information society

Visiting classes and workshops

Driven by its the desire to contribute to the sustainable development of society by providing children, who will lead the next generation, with workshops that stimulate their intellectual curiosity, increase interest in learning and raise interest in social issues, DNP visits local elementary schools to present its visiting classes and holds workshops for children throughout the country.

Visiting class “The Wonder of Colors” in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo
An extremely popular globe-making workshop at Osaka Knowledge Capital

Educational support for developing countries(volunteer activity to prepare translated picture books)

Many children around the world have never even seen a picture book due to conflict, poverty or other factor.
Based on a desire to help boost the literacy rate of children in developing countries by providing them with the opportunity to access books, which are closely related to publishing and printing, DNP participates in the Campaign to Deliver Picture Books.
The campaign, run by the non-governmental organization Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA), sends Japanese picture books, affixed with seals bearing translations into the local language, to children in developing countries.

Every year numerous employees and their children participate in the event.
DNP held workshops together with SVA and also encouraged the participation of people from outside the company.

Company visits and plant tours

At nationwide business sites, DNP accepts local elementary and junior high school students for company visits and plant tours with the aim of helping them develop their careers by introducing DNP's businesses and the work of its employees and teaching children and students about engagement with society, job satisfaction and the importance of hard work for realizing their dreams.

Elementary school students on a plant social studies tour
Junior high school students wear work uniforms and experience workplaces.

Support for business education for high school students

In recent years, “enhancing career education” has become a key theme in school education. Students are provided with opportunities to learn about careers through work experience at companies and various organizations and via dialogue with actual employees and staff. DNP participates in the Tokyo Metropolitan government's Commercial Education Consortium Tokyo and provides business education to high schools.

An expert from DNP’s planning visits the school to give a lesson.
Final results presentation held at Tokyo Metropolitan Fourth Commercial High School

Activity theme

To enhance social well-being

Scope|Promoting art and culture

Art and culture are prerequisites for the advancement of social well-being capable of bringing happiness and inspiration into people’s lives. As a printing enterprise, the DNP Group supports advancement of the arts and culture in the field of graphic arts and through the use of printing technology to preserve and disseminate historic cultural properties and images.

Cultural Activities at DNP

Activity theme

Also taking a Humanitarian standpoint

Scope|Humanitarian aid and disaster recovery support

DNP Group's 10 Years of Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Activities

With its epicenter off the coast of the Sanriku Oshika Peninsula in Miyagi Prefecture, the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck on March 11, 2011 claimed numerous precious lives, mainly in eastern Japan, and left devastating scars across the country. DNP has provided support for the affected areas based on the policy of “Continue doing what we can” spurred by its desire to help the stricken areas recover from this catastrophe as quickly as possible and to restore a sustainable society where people can resume their lives.

Emergency relief donations immediately after the disaster
Local volunteer activities by employees
Providing “reconstruction support menu” at the company cafeterias
DNP visiting class “The Wonder of Colors”

Disaster reconstruction support (donations)

DNP has formulated DNP Group Criteria for Conducting Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Support and provides emergency support in response to large-scale disasters that occur in Japan and overseas. Specifically, DNP contributes support money and implements employee fundraising and donates these funds as support for disaster areas. Additionally, DNP provides continuous support for reconstruction for disasters that cause enormous damage. For example, we offer a special “reconstruction support menu” at the company cafeterias nationwide and DNP donates an amount equivalent to a portion of the proceeds from this menu to support activities in disaster areas. Not only are numerous employees able to participate in donation activities, which enables continuous support, but purchasing main ingredients from disaster areas also serves as a form of support other than donations.

An example of the “reconstruction support menu” for the Great East Japan Earthquake
“Reconstruction support menu” was also provided as emergency support for 2019 Typhoon Hagibis

Disaster reconstruction support (local volunteers)

As a good corporate citizen that coexists with society, DNP believes it has a mission to provide support for large-scale disasters that occur in Japan and overseas. As a way of support, we believe it is important to have the attitude and feeling of “get close to the hearts of the people affected by the disaster and sincerely consider how we can support them.” Accordingly, DNP strived to collaborate closely with NPOs and other organizations deeply familiar with existing conditions in the disaster-stricken areas while continuing to undertake reconstruction support activities that match the needs and circumstances of the disaster-stricken areas.

Much is learned in the areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake
We dismantled and sorted out the debris of a hut completely destroyed by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes
Employees and their families cleaning temporary housing after the 2018 West Japan Torrential Rains