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DNP Group Biodiversity Declaration

We, the DNP Group, based on our appreciation for nature's bounty and recognition that out business activities impact the environment, will help build a sustainable society by fulfilling our society responsibility to protect biodiversity.

  • We view protection of biodiversity as an essential issue to be considered in all of our business activities, including business planning, research, project planning, product development, design, production, and sales.
  • We will evaluate, understand, and analyze how we affect biodiversity through such actions as using energy and water resources, procuring raw materials, and disposing of chemical substances.
  • In order to broaden our biodiversity protection activities, we will share our understanding of related issues with customers, suppliers, local community members and other stakeholders, and promote cooperative action with them.
  • We will enhance understanding and awareness of biodiversity-related issues among all of our employees, and strive to make them more conscious of the importance of protecting biodiversity.

Established: March 16, 2010

Sustainability Committee
(Former CSR & Environmental Committee)