Corporate Citizenship

DNP aims to contribute broadly to the resolution of social issues and the realization of a better society through business activities and by acting as a good corporate citizen while effectively utilizing our management resources, including human resources, intellectual properties, technologies and facilities, while promoting cooperation and collaboration with external organizations. We also support the social contribution activities of employees, as these activities encourage their personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Medium-to long-term vision

We contribute to society by resolving social issues, conducting volunteer activities and through cultural activities as we look to deepen our relationship with society as a good corporate citizen that coexists with society.

SDGs Covered by the Vision

  • Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Goal 15: Life on Land
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Performance Indicators to Monitor the Progress in Achieving the Vision and Activity Results

Performance indicators Targets Results
  • (1)Number of external participants for social contribution activity programs
  • (2)Number of internal participants for social contribution activity programs
  • (3)Number of Fair Trade-related products consumed in-house
  • (4)Number of dishes served in company cafeterias to support disaster areas and the groups for the development of the next generation.
  • (1)Achieve an accumulated total of 10,000 persons (2,000 per year) from FY2020 to FY2024.
  • (2)Achieve an accumulated total of 6,000 persons (1,200 per year) from FY2020 to FY2024.
  • (3)Achieve an accumulated total of 250,000 items (50,000 per year) from FY2020 to FY2024.
  • (4)Achieve an accumulated total of 70,000 dishes (14,000 per year) from FY2020 to FY2024.
For most-recent fiscal year results

DNP Group Social Contribution Policy and Social Contribution Themes

The DNP Group is committed to helping resolve the challenges facing society and contributing to the realization of a more affluent society capable of sustainable growth.
DNP is therefore promoting broad-based contributions to realize a better society, not only by offering useful products and services through our business activities, but through effective utilization of our management resources (including personnel, expertise, technology, and facilities); labor-management collaboration; and efforts to coordinate and collaborate with external entities.

Furthermore, the DNP Group supports voluntary participation in social contribution activities by employees. Such activities are not only beneficial for society; they help employees grow as persons and actualize their unique potential.

As a member of society, the DNP Group will continue striving to address social challenges.

Five Social Contribution Themes

With love for nature. Scope|Environmental conservation

With love for nature

Scope|Environmental conservation

Preserving the environment is a critical challenge faced by all of humanity. The DNP Group is grateful for the benefits bestowed by our truly irreplaceable environment. To leave a beautiful environment teeming with life to those who come after us, we promote a wide range of environmental preservation activities including forest and river cleanup activities.

With a broad outlook. Scope|Community and international engagement

With a broad outlook

Scope|Community and international engagement

To help create security, comfort, and abundance in local communities, the DNP Group promotes a wide range of activities with residents. Because modern lifestyles are deeply linked not only with those living nearby, but to people around the world, DNP adopts a global perspective in its efforts to realize a more secure, comfortable, and affluent society.

For the next generation. Scope|Nurturing scholarship, promotion of education, encouragement of the next generation, and the development of the information society

For the next generation

Scope|Nurturing scholarship, promotion of education, encouragement of the next generation, and the development of the information society

Advanced scholarship and the promotion of education are critical if we are to build a sustainable society to benefit future generations. Through its principal business activities, the DNP Group is building a foundation for social development by deploying its accumulated printing and information technologies, as well as its knowledge and expertise, for the benefit of our youth, who will be responsible for the society of the future.

For a spiritually rich society. Scope|Promoting art and culture

For a spiritually rich society

Scope|Promoting art and culture

Art and culture are prerequisites for the realization of a spiritually abundant society capable of bringing happiness and inspiration into people’s lives. As a printing enterprise, the DNP Group supports advancement of the arts and culture in the field of graphic arts and through the use of printing technology to preserve and disseminate historic cultural properties and images.

Also taking a Humanitarian standpoint. Scope|Humanitarian aid and disaster recovery support

Also taking a Humanitarian standpoint

Scope|Humanitarian aid and disaster recovery support

The DNP Group will deliver emergency humanitarian aid where it is needed, such as in areas affected by large-scale disasters, armed conflicts, and other circumstances that necessitate aid.