Principal Themes:Human Rights and Labor

Occupational Safety and Health

Under the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter, the DNP Group promotes safety and health activities involving All DNP members with the aim of building a workplace culture of “safety and health takes precedence over everything else.”

Structure to Promote Management

DNP Group Safety and Health Charter

The DNP Group established the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter in 2019 to foster the workplace culture to ensure that safety and health take precedence over everything else, based on the awareness that all Group employees working with sound body and mind empower the Group as a whole. This Charter includes the phrase “the will of All DNP members” which incorporates their resolve to ensure that safety and health is firmly in mind, and to think and act from their own position. To prioritize health and safety over everything else, all DNP Group employees undertake activities to ensure time for dialogue and education, based on the firm decisions made by the heads of the divisions.

DNP Group Declaration on Health

The president of DNP formulated and announced the DNP Group Declaration on Health on April 1, 2021 as the ideal for the DNP Group in the form of a top commitment to showing the company’s ideal state towards its goal of embodying the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter. In accordance with the Declaration, DNP started afresh to implement health measures aimed at health and productivity management.
The DNP Group Declaration on Health is based on the idea that Group employees working energetically in trustworthy teams with sound bodies and minds displaying their individual strengths to the maximum degree possible are essential for the generation of new value and the realization of our Third Corporate Founding.

DNP Group Declaration on Health

The DNP Group aims to embody the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter by promoting the heath management and health-driven measures that boost the happiness of our employees, based on the following three perspectives:

1. Maintaining and improving the physical and mental health of our employees and their families. 2. Developing the psychological capital, or positive mind of diverse individuals or human resources. 3. Building psychological safety, or trust-based relationships in our individual workplaces and teams.
With this declaration in mind we aim to achieve improved corporate value.

April 1, 2021
Yoshinari Kitajima,President

Structure to Promote Occupational Safety and Health

The DNP Group is promoting safety and health activities in accordance with the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter and the DNP Group Declaration on Health, led by the president. The workers and employers work together to improve the safety and health of the entire Group based on the promotion structure and operating methods prescribed in the DNP Group Safety and Health Management Regulations. While the DNP Group Safety and Health Liaison Council (chairperson: senior managing director of Human Capital Sector, secretariat: Employee Relations Department of Personnel & Employee Relations Division) lies at the center of this structure, safety and health liaison councils and safety and health promotion councils at the individual business units and Group companies, safety and health committees at individual workplaces and others are enhancing the structure’s effectiveness by specifying the details of activities.

The DNP Group is promoting specific activities including the formulation of the Basic Plan for Prevention of Industrial Accidents and Health Maintenance and Promotion as a three-year medium-term plan based on the results of internal activities and the challenges to be addressed, taking trends in society and the industrial safety and health measures taken by the Japanese government into consideration.

The Fifth Basic Plan for Prevention of Industrial Accidents and Health Maintenance and Promotion (Policies)

  • We will embody and expand on the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter and realize a culture where safety and health take precedence over everything else.
  • We will enhance psychological safety, or trust-based relationships in our individual workplaces and teams and enable Group employees to develop psychological capital based on the DNP Group Declaration on Health through dialogue and education.
  • We will actively work on preparing workplace environments and training personnel and establish a highly effective safety and health management system by evaluating and following up on activities in terms of both results and processes.
  • For the prevention of occupational accidents, we will continue to improve facilities and operations by improving risk assessment with the elimination of critical accidents as the top priority, and take measures to mitigate the diversifying and increasing accident risks.
  • We will realize the health and productivity management in the era of the new normal that enables Group employees to proactively maintain high health awareness levels and display their vitality by strengthening the foundation for the promotion of health measures.

Education and Training

Toward the realization of the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter and the DNP Group Declaration on Health, DNP provides level-specific education and specialized training on occupational safety and health.
Regarding safety, DNP is working to improve the level of safety and health activities through various educational programs that include online specialized training on equipment safety for front-line managers in manufacturing locations.
For health, DNP provides education and training on illness and lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise and smoking as well as mental health care utilizing online seminars and e-learning programs while also cooperating with health insurance associations, and these efforts are helping raise employee awareness and change their behavior.

Initiatives for Maintaining and Improving Health

The health and productivity management the DNP Group seeks to achieve and the Declaration on Health

Health and productivity management refers to the strategic management of employee health from a corporate management perspective. It is expected to improve vitality, creativity and productivity in addition to the maintenance and promotion of health. The DNP Group incorporated this thinking in its formulation of the DNP Group Declaration on Health. The DNP Group is promoting health-related measures to energize Group employees and transform entire workplaces into teams full of life and energy.

The DNP Group is tackling four material issues* to significantly increase human creativity (added value productivity). One of them is health and productivity management that increases the happiness of employees. With the Human Capital Policy, “respecting employees leads to respected employees driving corporate growth and enhancing society,” (nurturing human capital who can be active in society both within and outside DNP,) the Group invests in employee health. The DNP Group broadly defines health, which is the foundation of employees’ success, in consideration of 1) maintaining and improving physical and mental health, 2) developing psychological capital, or a positive mindset, and 3) building psychological safety, or trust-based relationships to ensure health and productivity management that can increase employee happiness. Corporate value will increase if a company increases employee happiness through health and productivity management, and mentally and physically healthy and energetic employees exhibit their capabilities as a team of vibrant people.

  • *Four material issues
    “Support for career autonomy of employees and strengthening of organizational capability”
    “Health and productivity management that increases the happiness of employees”
    “Hiring, personnel assignment and reskilling based on human resource portfolio”
    “Promotion of diversity and inclusion utilizing diverse individuality”

Conceptual diagram of health and productivity management

The Basic Plan for Health Maintenance and Promotion

In the Fifth Basic Plan for Prevention of Industrial Accidents and Health Maintenance and Promotion for the period from fiscal 2021 to fiscal 2023, the DNP Group has set targets for the percentage of people that undergo regular checkups, the percentage of people whose results are other than no abnormalities detected, general health risk based on stress test results, work engagement numbers and other targets as indices for the mental and physical health of energetic employees that work as a team of vibrant people. DNP focuses on 1) permeating health management and health measures in the new normal age, 2) establishing a foundation for promoting health measures, 3) promoting illness prevention and lifestyle habit improvements, and 4) creating sound mental health. In doing so, DNP will use the rate of regular health checkups and the rate of abnormal findings, the overall health risk in stress checks and work engagement values, among other indicators.

To accelerate health and productivity management and health measures, DNP is collaborating with its health insurance association, clinics established at the association, the business divisions and Group companies undertaking medical healthcare-/health-related operations. Furthermore, DNP has set up the Health Management Center at the health insurance association for strengthening health management functions.

  • *Other health indices, number of subjects, response rate (DNP alone, FY2022, values in brackets are for FY2021)
    -Absenteeism: 2.28 days/year, 10,246 employees, 87.2% (2.42 days/year, 10,574 employees, 92.3%)
    -Presenteeism: 14.4%, 10,246 employees, 87.6% (13.2%, 10,574 employees, 92.9%)
    *Method of determining absenteeism: The number days absent from work due to poor health counted based on questionnaire results. The number of employees taking a leave of absence was 36 as of the end of March 2023.
    *Method of determining presenteeism: Single-Item Presenteeism Question (SPQ)

For the maintenance and promotion of physical and mental health

To promote and maintain physical and mental health, which is the foundation of health and productivity management, DNP is working to thoroughly implement post-medical checkup measures (percentage of employees being reexamined/undergoing a detailed checkup in fiscal 2022: 81.3%) and increase the implementation rate of specific health guidance (implementation rate in fiscal 2022: 25.4%), as a follow-up to those employees with significant health risks based on the results of medical checkups and specific medical examinations. To ensure effective health management based on these medical checkups, DNP updated its health management system (amount of investment: Approx. 50 million yen). The number of employees whose results are other than no abnormalities detected is increasing in medical checkups as the average age of employees increases. DNP is intensively promoting health management in collaboration with health insurance associations so that employees at a certain level of risk can implement specific health guidance proactively and improve their lifestyle to reduce health risks. Additionally, DNP holds walking events (total participants in fiscal 2022: 7468) and health evaluation events (the number of participants in September 2023: 790) to improve lifestyles and set the goal of reducing the percentage of employees that smoke to 15% or less by fiscal 2026 to reduce the health risks caused by smoking.
DNP is working to improve education and expand its internal consultation desks for the promotion and maintenance of mental health. DNP is offering medical examinations by specialists at its clinics in Ichigaya (Tokyo) and Namba (Osaka), in addition to providing education using online seminars, e-learning programs, original videos and other means. DNP has health consultation offices and counseling rooms that are available to all employees.
Managing working hours is also important for maintaining physical and mental health. As part of preventing health problems caused by long work hours and the implementation of measures to enable a healthy work-life balance, DNP is trying to reduce long work hours (For reference, overtime in fiscal 2022 at DNP alone was 13.4 hours/year.).


We have clinics in 15 locations across Japan, including thorough checkup clinics. The clinics provide medical treatment to dependents (aged 16 or over) in addition to the insured. In fiscal 2022, 24,048 people visited these clinics, including 1037 employees that underwent thorough checkups.

Various Health Consultations

A consultation system has been set up for employees and their families to provide advice from medical specialists to address concerns and worries related to illness or medical therapy. It also provides support for health maintenance and promotion through Nutrition Consultation and Exercise Consultation. In fiscal 2022, 2537 consultations were received through telephone health consultation (including family members) and at counseling rooms.
In March 2022, DNP opened a health consultation office at the DNP Health Management Center, where specialist public health nurses receive consultations from employees. By increasing the number of options for employee health consultations in this manner, DNP is enhancing its system that enables employees to feel free to consult on an even wider range of health issues.

Health Education

To promote the further penetration and understanding among employees of the DNP Group Declaration on Health, which was announced in April 2021, DNP carries out health education through e-learning programs (implemented a total of seven times from December 2021 to September 2023). Our surveys revealed that at least nearly 60% of the employees in attendance became more health conscious as a result of these courses. Moreover, an increasing number of employees are also working to improve their physical activities and eating habits.

  • *Main Themes of DNP’s Healthcare Education (As of October 2023)
    Approx. 90% attendance at the course “About the DNP Group Health Declaration” held in December 2021
    Approx. 89% attendance at the course “About Healthcare Checkups” in March 2022
    Approx. 93% attendance at the course “About Lifestyle Habit” in June 2022
    Approx. 91% attendance at the course “About Gender-Related Health Issues” in September 2022
    (The survey shows almost 96% of respondents were health conscious or became health conscious.)
    Approx. 90% attendance at the course “About Mental Healthcare” in February 2023
    Approx. 73% attendance at the course “About Smoking Cessation Measures at the DNP Group (only for smokers)” in May 2023
    The course “On Smoking” having been held since September 2023

    ・Online seminars
    Approx. 2,400 views at the special lecture “About Cancer” of the DNP Group Declaration on Health in April 2022
    Approx. 1100 views at the special lecture “About Women's Cancer We Want You to Know" of the DNP Group Declaration on Health in February 2023

    ・Health management seminar for management-level staff (for all officers)
    Approx. 3,100 views at the seminar archive “About the Mechanisms of Happiness” in June 2022
    Approx. 600 views at the seminar archive “The Role of the Managers in Health Management Practices” held in November 2022

For the improvement of vitality and organizational revitalization

DNP Group believes that dialogue and education are the foundation for fostering a workplace culture where safety and health takes precedence over everything else and for increasing psychological capital and psychological safety.
To secure time for those activities, DNP is undertaking an activity to set aside an hour each month for TAIWA and education (Tsuki-ichi Kyoiku Activity) at all manufacturing sites.
In non-manufacturing divisions, DNP Group’s own management by objectives (the DNP Value Objectives, or DVO system) is implemented in conjunction with one-on-one and check-in, check-out meetings for each team. DNP also implements employee engagement surveys regularly to “visualize” team conditions and works to make improvements in this area.

The Health Wellbeing Award System

The goal of the newly established Health Wellbeing award in fiscal 2023 is to reward excellent initiatives to create a vibrant working environment and reinforce organizations and teams as a foundation for value creation based on the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter and the DNP Group Declaration on Health. The application of the expertise, etc. presented by awardees to address similar situations will help the whole company create a better corporate culture and enable each and every employee to work with pride and pleasure.
In the first year, ten business sites were selected to receive the White Category (health) award and ten were selected to receive the Green Category (safety) award. 85 business sites applied for the White Category award and 42 applied for the Green Category award.

Enhancement of facilities to promote communication

It is important to build a working environment that increases satisfaction with the work environment to improve the engagement of all employees. Additionally, promoting communication between workers will help improve teamwork and increase motivation. This is why the DNP Group proactively arranges and enhances its facilities for refreshment and collaboration at its locations around Japan.

Health-related data/Target indicators

Initiatives for the Prevention of Industrial Accidents

The Basic Plan for Prevention of Industrial Accidents

For the prevention of industrial accidents, DNP reviews a basic plan every three years based on the industrial accident prevention plan of the national government and trends in industrial accidents within the Company, reviews the plan, and promote specific activities.

For the three years from fiscal 2021 to fiscal 2023, DNP has prescribed matters to be addressed as the Fifth Basic Plan for Prevention of Industrial Accidents and Health Maintenance and Promotion and has enhanced initiatives with the three priority measures of 1) fostering a climate of safety, 2) creating a workplace with no industrial accidents, and 3) promoting measures against occupational illness, using the accident frequency rate and working environment measurement results among other indicators.

Cultivating a Climate of Safety and Creating Workplaces with No Industrial Accidents

Safety and Health Education

DNP Group has continuously believed that “dialogue and education” serve as the foundation of safety and health activities and in 2019 it formulated the DNP Group Safety and Health Charter, which proclaims that “Health and safety begin with Taiwa (dialogue), education, and human development.”
To make this belief a reality, all manufacturing bases of manufacturing departments implement “Tsuki-ichi Kyoiku Activity” (an activity to set aside one hour each month for Taiwa and education) for the realization of a culture that truly prioritizes health and safety above all else. Through monthly activities, DNP aims to improve safety awareness, foster a culture that emphasizes safety and increase the vitality of its workplaces. Furthermore, DNP has launched the cross-group Manufacturing Safety Promotion Project and is promoting a variety of activities that include sharing good practices and matters requiring attention.
Additionally, DNP also implements level-specific training and specialized training on occupational safety and health. To prevent serious accidents caused by machinery and equipment in particular, DNP focuses on providing education on equipment safety measures to managers as well as staff who operate equipment. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, DNP has continuously provided this education utilizing methods such as remote conferences and in fiscal 2022 180 people (cumulative total of 960 people) participated in this education that also featured lively discussions. Besides education that utilizes VR (virtual reality) for enabling participants to experience danger as well e-learning on fire prevention, DNP has launched a dedicated internal website that allows related parties to share the details of disasters in the unlikely event of an accident as well as good examples of safety measures and strives to ensure these measures raise the level of safter activities.

Creation of a Workplace Free from Industrial Accidents

The DNP Group reviews and improves unsafe situations and behaviors at all of its workplaces, believing that the Group must prevent employee injuries or damage caused during work. In this context, the Group focuses on risk assessment activities and related measures. Regarding equipment specifically, the DNP Group has taken the safety measures that conform to the independently formulated equipment safety standards. To more effectively promote these activities, some business sites obtained the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification.