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For Enhanced Comfort and Convenience in Mobility

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DNP's products elevate the comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience of mobility

DNP consistently delivers an array of benefits for enjoyable mobility, encompassing heightened safety and weight reduction through the incorporation of resin glazing in vehicles, enhanced interior comfort, lightweight and flexible exterior materials for EV lithium-ion batteries, and wireless power transfer systems facilitating charging while on the move.

Illustration depicting the use of various DNP products in the components of a mobility.

Battery/wireless power supply

  • Battery pouches for lithium-ion batteries

    Providing rechargeable batteries with lighter, longer-lasting, and safer packaging

    This film-type product is lighter than traditional metal can-type products, offering increased processing flexibility and exceptional resistance to deformation caused by heat. DNP will continue to harness the strengths of this product, holding the world's top market share, and strive to enhance energy density even further.

    This product utilizes DNP's proprietary strengths, incorporating coating (precision coating) technology that imparts various functions, such as high durability, to films. Additionally, it employs laminating technology that fuses multiple films together with high strength.

  • Sheet-type coil for wireless charging of electric vehicles (EV)

    Significantly reduces the workload of EV charging and contribute to the spread of environmentally friendly vehicles

    Many consumers may aspire to contribute to reduce their environment impact by choosing EVs, but express concerns about the workload of charging process and insufficient charging infrastructure. DNP has developed a sheet-type coil unit using wireless power transfer systems that enables charging without connecting a cable. The sheet-type coil unit is thinner and lighter compared to conventional coil units using a litz wire. By reducing the installation load of coil units on both the power supply side (GA) and power reception side (VA), we will support the spread of wireless power transfer systems for EVs. DNP is also envisioning a future where EVs can be charged while driving.

    DNP is developing this product by combining DNP’s unique manufacturing strengths, such as simulation technology related to magnetic fields and heat, and production technology that allow us to supply products in large quantities. Compliant with the standards (WPT3:11.1kW) set by the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it is thin, lightweight, and enables charging with suppressed magnetic field leakage.


  • Side visor

    Facilitating comfortable ventilation inside the vehicle even with open windows, preventing against wind and rain

    Side visors are eave-like components attached to the window frame of a car. In rainy conditions, you can slightly open the window to ventilate the interior without exposing it to rain. We have manufactured side visors with a specially optimized shape for each car model, effectively minimizing wind noise at high speeds and offering additional benefits.

    To efficiently produce transparent resin side visors with extended raw materials, we leverage DNP Group's proprietary molding die technology and resin molding techniques. Our designs also prioritize minimizing air resistance and wind noise at high speeds.

  • Ultra weather-resistant hard-coat transfer film

    A lightweight, shatter-resistant alternative to glass

    Weighing merely half the weight of conventional glass, this product is easily moldable and resilient to impacts and heat. DNP has incorporated additional features such as high hardness, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance. While ensuring vehicle safety, DNP actively contributes to reducing environmental impact through weight reduction.

    We've innovatively combined EB (Electron Beam) coating technology and molding/processing techniques honed in the housing decorative materials business with the optical design technology cultivated in the optical film business, where we hold the world's top market share, to create new value.

  • New Decoration Panel

    Enhancing the design aesthetics of the car's control panel

    Introducing a novel decorative panel that elevates the design with wood grain patterns, geometric motifs, and more. The panel showcases operation buttons and displays only when required. The remarkable optical performance enables the display of necessary information and icons precisely when needed, contributing to a delightful cabin space with a comfortable interior design.

    Utilizing advanced optical technology, this panel ensures clear and vibrant information display, unaffected by the color or pattern of the interior panel.

  • Interior decoration film

    Creating an interior space with high aesthetic appeal

    This is an interior decoration material for cars that incorporates DNP’s incomparable printing technology. The realistic materials such as specially selected beautiful wood grains, carbon fibers and geometric patterns of metals are reproduced to a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, various designs are brought to life by incorporating nuances of paint and diverse tactile expressions through embossing (concavo-convexity) processing. While adhering to environmental regulations that restrict the cutting of some wood species, DNP’s utilization of its own design data of wood grain enables the achievement of high quality and environmental friendliness.

    DNP's proprietary "EB coating technology" is employed to harden the material through EB (electron beam) irradiation, imparting various functions. Through the development and provision of products with enhanced durability and resistance to scratches, abrasion, and stains, the vehicle's interior remains comfortable and inviting for an extended period.

  • Exterior decoration films for roof decal

    Contributing to both sustainable and advanced vehicle design

    Among the two-tone colors utilized in automobiles, the exterior decorative film for roof decal is employed to articulate the color of the roof. By using this film, it enables a significant reduction in the process compared to the general two-tone color painting process, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions and other environmental burdens. It also prove instrumental in elevating the overall design aesthetics of automobiles. Other variants find application on the front panels of EVs, boasting radio wave and light transmittance functionalities.

    Embossing technology is utilized, along with technology for imprinting patterns such as tweed and block lines on the film. It also employs a technology that converts 3D data of the roof into 2D data for pre-cutting.

    Front panel for electrical vehicles

Short-distance wireless communication

  • Digital key

    Smartphones and IC cards as car keys!

    Digital keys utilize data from smartphones and other devices to authenticate the correct user and lock/unlock at proper timing and venue to substitute conventional physical keys.
    DNP develops and provides cloud services for issuing and managing digital key to provide authentication service to meet an individual requirement in a highly secured environment.

    DNP has been involved in smart card-related development since the 1980s and has enhanced its technology and know-how in information security. Our commitment in many years remains us in competitive edge in OS and application development, key management by encryption technology, which consequences credibility in handling personal or sensitive information under highly secured environment.

Information dissemination base

  • Mobility port

    Contributing to the realization of a human-centered mobility society!

    This is a service designed to enhance the lifestyles of local residents and inspire tourists and visitors to explore the area. It achieves this by providing information on various transportation facilities and tourist attractions. Interactive outdoor digital signage will be utilized to offer local insights and guidance on using public transportation in multiple languages, contributing to the vibrant revitalization of the local community.

    Making use of the regional promotion and dissemination information platform developed by DNP, real-time information with a map-based user interface and social media integration will be showcased on signage and users' smartphones. This initiative aims to foster regional tours and other engaging activities.

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DNP’s core technologies cultivated from the printing process

Since our founding, DNP has developed its core technologies by incorporating the latest advancements into its proprietary technologies derived from the printing process, and by upgrading and synergizing each of these technologies.

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